How to Get a Girlfriend if You’re in a Wheelchair (Interabled Relationships)

How to Get a Girlfriend (if You’re in a Wheelchair)

If you’re wondering how to get a girlfriend if you’re in a wheelchair, you’ve probably had some self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.

That’s natural.

We all have belief systems that no longer serve us, but it certainly helps to have some solid advice about interabled relationships.

10 Dating Tips if You’re in a Wheelchair

Attitude, Dude!

The most attractive quality anyone can have is confidence in the form of self-acceptance and self-assurance.

When we accept ourselves fully, we unconsciously give others permission not only to accept us as well, but it also unconsciously gives them permission to accept themselves.

Woah, right!

Get a Life!

When you love yourself enough to have a full life, you’ll be more attractive and she won’t feel the conundrum of figuring out what activities you can do together.

You get to invite her into an exciting and diversified world. That’s intriguing!

Rejection is Inevitable! ;(

Rejection is going to happen! It happens to all men who try.

Don’t assume it’s because of the chair. She might not be on the market or looking or she might be having a bad day.

Or yeah, she might not want to date a guy in a chair. So what, next!

At the same time, work on what you can so when you meet someone who is potentially interested in a relationship, you’ll already be on your way to your best you.

Looks Don’t Matter (as Much as You Think)!

Women are not as shallow about looks as men think we are!

Sure we notice, but so do you. 😉

Of course, some women will only go for Greek Gods, but those are the shallow women and you don’t want those ones, anyway.

In fact, 90% of the women I’ve interviewed who are in long term, happy relationships were not physically attracted to their partner right away.


Yep, hashtag friend zoned to start!

Be Open!

She’s going to have personal questions.

She’s going to want to know if you can have sex and kids and what your morning routine might look like.

Be patient and open to talking about things that might be dealbreakers (sex, kids) but don’t overwhelm her with TMI.

Do not get defensive. If she’s asking, it may be because she’s evaluating what life with you might look like for her!

Nix the Naysayers!

Some people won’t accept your relationship.

They’ve got their own self-limiting beliefs.

If you do something others don’t think is possible — like get an amazing girlfriend — then they have to look at where their own lives fall short. Ouch!

Never mind those people, they’re not your people. Find new, supportive friends!

Limit Thyself Not!

Kind of in line with the last point…

Don’t limit yourself because of others’ belief systems.

Live your life how you want to!

Enough said.

Balanced Autonomy Rocks!

Continue to work on your independence!

You’ll feel more empowered and you won’t feel like a burden.


Also, discuss where it makes sense for her to help you. Sometimes, efficiency just makes sense.

All healthy relationships are mutually supportive.

Different Doesn’t = Difficult!

Things will be different but not always difficult!

Practical things like getting ready, get in and out of vehicles and accessibility in public places will need to be managed, but you’ll both get used to them.

(Shoutout to Adapted Adventures for this one!)

It takes time to learn new things, whether we’re in an interabled relationship or not.

Meet Women Wherever!

You can meet women at many of the same places “able bodies” men meet women!

Obviously, some restrictions apply, but so what.

If you’re adventurous, there’s plenty of places you’ll be able to meet women that less interesting men won’t.

Bonus Tip!

Watch the video for the bonus tip! 😉

And if you feel like your self-esteem is in the crapper or you just need a boost or you don’t know how to filter for the right woman or you want a wheel-by-wheel guide to get (& keep) the girl, consider my WakeUP2Luv program. It’s made for everyone.

Did I miss anything? Please comment! 🙂

xo AJ

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