How to Get Her Attracted to You!

How to Get Her Attracted (and Not Turn Her Off)!

In order to get her attracted to you, there’s at least got to be a chance that she can be attracted to you.

No matter what you do or don’t do, some women are simply not going to be attracted to you for whatever reason.

Why She Might Not Be Attracted

  1. Maybe she just came out of a nasty break up and isn’t ready for anything new with anyone.
  2. Or maybe she’s got a boyfriend or is really into someone else and wants to play that out before she’s open to someone else.
  3. And yes, it’s possible she’s simply not attracted to you because of how you look or your personality.

So what? Next!

But if there’s a chance she could be attracted to you then you’ll need to make sure you hit all these hot buttons to increase her interest.

How to Get Her to Be Attracted to You Tips

  1. It’s how you make her feel with you that determines if you have a chance.
  2. Make her laugh (there’s a biological reason this helps!)
  3. Be confident and certain and never do “this!” 😉
  4. Lead her! See video for example.
  5. Make her feel safe. See video for example.

But just as important for what to do to get her interested in you is what you shouldn’t do because doing “these” things will turn her off.

Hint: You already know the answer based on what you just learned! Details in video.

Which one of the 5 tips to get her interested are you best at? Which one might need some work? Let me know in the comments!

Be you. You got this!

xo AJ

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Ben Smithies says January 15, 2020

Hi Anna

I’ve been watching some of your videos on YouTube, your advice seems eminently sensible but also subtle .

I think you are also correct about lime pie, I had a vegan recipe for it but I’m on my iPhone and it won’t let me paste the recipe or photo. But I’m sure you have great recipes for it. Lovely on a baking hot sunny day, we occasionally have such days even here in England!

Warm wishes and thanks


    Anna Jorgensen says January 15, 2020

    Thanks so much, Ben, and if you find that pie recipe, please do post it!! 😉 Anna

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