Reasons She Tests You (4 Types of Tests She Uses)

Reasons She Tests You, Types of Tests She Uses on You & How to Test Her!

Even though most men don’t enjoy being tested by women, there are reasons she tests you that are actually reasonable.

The good news is that if she’s testing you then you have a chance at romance. More in the video.

But how can you tell if it’s a “reasonable, normal and healthy” test or if she’s sabotaging the relationship?

There’s a quick rule of thumb to determine this: If you passed a “type” of test with flying colours, there should be no need for her to further test you — unless, of course, you’ve given her reason to, for example by lying to her.

If you’ve given her no reason to further test you and you’ve passed the test by any reasonable Wingmam standard 😉 then she should not keep testing you.

If she does, it’s probably because she doesn’t trust herself!


Yep, you read that right.

If she keeps testing you after you’ve handled her tests like a real man, then it’s about her character not yours! (More in the video!)

There are many types of tests but in this video I focus on four common themes.

Reasons She Tests You Themes

  1. Your temper.
  2. Jealousy.
  3. Disrepect.
  4. Big changes.

I also provide a suggestion on how you can reasonably test her to see what her character is really like, whether she’s a traditionalist or a feminist.

Both men and women put their best foot forward in the early stages of courting and dating, which is natural, we want the other person to like us.

But by not being totally genuine early on, we can miss major red flags that would otherwise alert us that our love interest’s values might not align with ours.

And most people, men and women, aren’t as honest as we’d all like to think we are about what those values are, so testing is an effective way of revealing someone’s true character.

Finally, you’ll learn the basic way to handle all tests through:

  • communication
  • boundaries
  • consequences

And why it’s important to use these tools in your relationships with everyone!

I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments!

xo AJ

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