False Assumptions About Women

False Assumptions About Women & How They Love

Are your false assumptions about women keeping you from finding the kind of love you long for?

If you think women can’t love because of their hypergamous nature, you might be pleasantly surprised!

But… if you’re wrong about women that would also mean you might have to change some of your beliefs about them.

False Assumptions About Women


  1. Women are AS influenced by looks as you are. Wrong.
  2. Super hot women are out of your league. Wrong.
  3. Women can react logically but choose to be emotional. Wrong.
  4. A woman’s emotions are ready and predictable. Wrong.
  5. If you’re satisfied in the relationship, she must be, too. Wrong.
  6. This one is the most important of all, but it’s best you watch the video for the full meal dealio on the details.

Plus, I share some personal stories and a photo of my parents. (There’s a reason!)

Watch the video and then let me know in the comments how many of these assumptions you’ve made about women!

And! If learning these things has made you feel better or worse?!

xo AJ

Love is the answer, people! Don’t give up. DO. NOT. GIVE. UP. HOPE!!!

p.s. I spent the night at an over night sleep clinic with 22 electrodes hooked up to my head and body. It’ll be interesting to get the results (end of month). I don’t like to focus on health problems or limitations, but I do believe that sometimes, life (God) taps us on the shoulder to remind us of what we should be grateful for. Cheers and sweet dreams!

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Thanks to all of you who are reading these P.S.es! I’m getting more personal replies than I can keep up with, though, so if you’re interested, I’ll keep you updated via the P.S. If you’re not, skip the P.S. Also, I prefer if you would please offer your valuable suggestions and words of encouragement in the public comments of my blogs instead of personal emails so all can learn and so I can have time to try to sleep 😉

Speaking of sleep: The sleep clinic results show I partially wake up every three (!) minutes and never get into deep sleep. No wonder I’m exhausted! Anyway, it’s a problem with my jaw that we  have a solution for (jaw physio + mouthguard) even though it’ll take a couple months before I’ll achieve positive sleep results. I still have SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), but am working on that, too.

DISCLAIMER: Anna is not a psychiatrist—no way—or medical advisor—nope—you are responsible for your actions and the results thereof. Obey the law. Such is LIFE.

About the Author Anna Jorgensen

Vancouver dating coach for men who love women! ❤️ (Not PC and not a feminist.)

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Roger Higginson says February 22, 2020

Anna Jorgensen is a relaxed and genuine type of person who combines confidence with being friendly and approachable. She gives sound, common sense advice, and is well worth listening to.

    Anna Jorgensen says February 26, 2020

    Thank you, Roger! 🙂

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