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Nice Guy Syndrome Traits (What It Is & How To Beat It)

Nice Guy Syndrome Traits (Guest Post by Bobby Rio) There’s no way being too nice can work against you in the dating game, right? Wrong. In fact, if you’re too nice (aka have “nice guy syndrome”) and are single, you’ll surely struggle. Girls won’t find you sexually attractive. Your friends will think you try too hard. […]

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How to Find the Right Woman #Soulmate [video]

Find the Right Woman #Soulmate HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT WOMAN = CHEMISTRY VS COMPATIBILITY. Just because you’re hot for teacher doesn’t mean you should bone every girl you meet! Find the right woman means being selective. In fact, the fact that you want to have sex with her so bad is a huge red […]

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What is MGTOW? Is MGTOW Right for You? [video]

What is MGTOW? Is MGTOW Right for You? Men going their own way is a movement started by men frustrated with women’s lib and the way they see modern women: acting entitled, ungrateful and generally “not worth the trouble.” But should you go your own way? Is MGTOW right for you? Or are you the […]

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Sexy Quality Anyone Can Have [video]

A Sneaky Sexy Quality Anyone Can Have? Yep! Even you! 😉 Okay, I’ll admit that some people were probably just born sexy (cough: Gerard Butler), but for the rest of us, we had to develop our sexiness. I can almost hear you thinking, “Wait a minute, Anna, are you saying anyone can get sexy?” Yes. […]

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Best Tip to Ditch or Avoid Female Players & Mean Girls [video]

Best Tip to Ditch or Avoid Female Players #Throwbacks Avoid female players! Ditch B!itches! You deserve better! Dude! If you want to avoid dating female players or mean girls, you gotta take some responsibility. I know that sucks, but if you’re a woman who wants to get a decent guy or a guy who wants […]

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