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Where to Go on a First Date – First Date Ideas [video]

Want to Wow Her on a First Date? Great Ideas! Guys always ask me where to go on a first date to really impress a girl. It’s a great question! You want to stand out from all the other Joe Shmoe’s she’s dated in the past. But guess what? Surprise! The best date ideas aren’t […]

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How To Deal With Rejection From Women [video]

Don’t Fret, Dudes, Here’s How To Deal With Rejection Men get rejected a fuck ton more than women do. That’s reality and that sucks. If you want to know how to deal with rejection, there are a few principles you gonna need to make your new best friend. When you can handle rejection like a […]

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How To Make A Girl Like You [video]

Make Her Like You by Making Her Feel Special If you want to know how to make a girl like you, gotta make her feel special. You’re welcome, see you in the next blog. JK JK JK Here’s the thing, just like when a girl makes you feel special, when you make her feel special […]

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3 Tips For Online Dating [video]

Best Tips For Online Dating Seriously, these days the best place for shy guys and introverted men to find love is online. But the good news is that I’m giving you the best tips for online to make it suck less! I always say that online dating is like dumpster diving for diamonds! You’ve got […]

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The Best Dating App – How to Get Dates on Tinder [video]

The Best Dating App to Get a Girlfriend Might Be … Tinder! Bingo! What’s the best dating app to get a girlfriend if you’re shy or introverted? I’ve found that the best dating site is actually a dating app: Tinder! Tinder used to be used simply for hooking up aka finding sex partners, but nowadays […]

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