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Why Women Settle!

Why Women Settle and Is She Settling for YOU? 😬 Surprise: The reasons why women settle are mostly the same as why men settle! There are no perfect people in the world, men or women, so everyone who enters a relationship will be settling to some degree. Did I just wallop you with a mega […]

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Acceptable Age Gap When Dating (2 Videos!)

What’s An Acceptable Age Gap When Dating? Well, fellas, if you’ve ever wondered what’s an acceptable age gap when dating younger women, this update blog will help you out! Provided she’s of legal age… Short answer: Whatever works for you. Long answer: It depends. Read on … Factors Important to an Acceptable Age Gap An acceptable […]

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How To Flirt With Older Women [Video]

Q: Is How to Flirt with Older Women the Same as with Younger Women? How to flirt with older women tips applies to younger men seeking older than them women as well as older men seeking women around their own age. As a woman close to 50 I’ve had a relationship with a man much […]

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The One That Got Away #Heartbreak (2020)

Get Over “The One That Got Away” Even though in the midst of the aftershock it can feel like you’ll never figure out how to heal from the one that got away, you can. I promise. Heartbreak sucks, no two ways about it. I feel for you. Whether we’re the one that left or the […]

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Why Women Spread ‘em For Gerard Butler!

Aka How To Be More Confident With Women! … aka How To Drive Women Wild With Desire & Passion … I’m writing this Gerard Butler blog for men in “man language.” Dame Disclosure: Just in case there is a woman reading this, take heed: potentially offensive material ahead you may learn something from! What is “man […]

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