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Become More Confident with Women

3 Simple Ways to Build Confidence with Chicks Amir came to me a while ago to “become more confident with women.” He didn’t know where to begin because he felt self-assured in other areas of his life and with certain women. But Amir wanted to know how to build confidence with the women that mattered […]

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Nice Guy Syndrome: Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Have Standards + Set Boundaries = Be Attractive. Greg, a single man, is a good friend to his buddies and a nice guy to women. Recently, Greg stumbled on my video of an interview I had with Connor Beaton (founder of ManTalks) discussing the book Nice Guy Syndrome by Dr. Robert Glover. Connor and I […]

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Can a PUA (Pick Up Artist) Get a Girlfriend?

PUA Techniques Don’t Work to Get a Girlfriend Pete¹ used to be a PUA (Pick Up Artist), but then he decided he wanted to leave sexual seduction behind and get an actual girlfriend. Pete recently completed my Get a Girlfriend program and asked me why guys think they want PUA techniques when, really, they want […]

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Merry Christmas, Fuckers!

Greetings, Wingmam Men! By fuckers, I mean I hope you get some “action” in 2018! I hope you’ll be fucking and making love and having quickie sex with the woman you also want to wake up to every day. I’m writing this post while listening to Nirvana — everyone’s favourite Christmas music, duh — so […]

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Why Do Women Play Mind Games? (Playing Hard to Get)

how to avoid the friend zone

3 Reasons Women Play Mind Games Every guy on the planet wants to know the answer to this question: “Why do some women play mind games?” In fact, on one of my WingmamTV videos, How to Play Hard to Get (Should You Play Hard to Get?), Andre asks, “Why do females play hard to get […]

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