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Boost Confidence Fast [video]

Boost Confidence Fast (Dating Advice 2018) Boost Confidence Fast! If you want to be able to tap into quick confidence before fear keeps you from going for it — whatever “it” is for you — then focus on this one thing every day! What is confidence? Confidence is basically our trust in ourself to do […]

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Is it OK to Date More Than One at a Time? [video]

A Better Question Is: How Many Can You Keep Track Of? But seriously, if you’re looking for long term love and a committed relationship, is it ok to date more than one at a time? Dating more than one person at a time can be stressful and even feel wrong, but investing a lot of […]

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How Often to Text a Girl [video]

Tips for Texting Girls How often to text a girl depends on where you are in the relationship and who likes who more. First: Are you courting, dating or in a relationship? You don’t want to text so much that you smother the other person but you also don’t want to ghost them or leaving […]

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When to Text Her After a First Date [video]

Don’t Blow It! Know When to Text Her After a First Date! No matter how awesome sauce the date went, one of the toughest things to know is when to text her after a first date. You don’t want to come off as too interested but at the same time you don’t want her thinking […]

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Should a Man Pay for the Date? [video]

Survey Says … Should a Man Pay for the Date? In the age of feminism, it’s a reasonable question to ask, “Should a man pay for the date?” But should a man always pay? Even though, in the modern dating world with women yelling “women’s lib!”it is (mostly) still expected that a man should pay […]

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