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How To Write A Dating Profile That Attracts High Quality Women

how women think differently than men

Dating Profile That Attracts High Quality Women When you’re online dating, you can either have a dating profile that attracts high quality women …or one that can leave you hearing crickets when no one responds to your messages.  Ouch! That’s not a position you want to be in.   If you’re new to online dating […]

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Sexual Chemistry vs Emotional Connection

What’s the Diff? Sexual Chemistry vs Emotional Connection Most men who are physically attracted to a woman mistakenly think women feel the same way, but sexual chemistry vs emotional connection is very different, especially for the ladybirds. A Story This happened a few years ago … A guy on a dating site caught my attention! A […]

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Create Chemistry by Text? (Totally Doable!)

How to Create Chemistry by Text I’ll update the blog bit of this series when I’ve posted the last video in this series on how to create chemistry by text, I promise! In case you missed last week’s overview video, here it is: Create Chemistry by Text Overview: Create Chemistry by Text Details Part 1: […]

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Weird Way to Rejection Proof Your Psyche (Surprise!)

Rejection Proof Your Psyche You may not correlate this seemingly strange way to reject proof your psyche but I assure you it’ll make sense shortly. What’s the way? Sleep. I told you it was weird! Seriously, though, I literally woke up this morning feeling tired and this is what triggered me to think of you. […]

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How To Find The Right Woman Online

How to Find The Right Woman Online If you want to know how to find the right woman online you’ve got to know what the right woman is for you. Have you given that any real thought? Or are you basing your quest on profile photos and minimal signs of craziness in her profile? Unfortunately, […]

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