How To Flirt When You’re Shy

How to Flirt When You’re Shy (or Introverted)

As with any new skill we learn, learning how to flirt when you’re shy comes with practice. Practice begins wherever we are now.

But ain’t nothing gonna change, Charlie, if you don’t collect all your courage and begin.

Note: This message isn’t directed at the Charlies of the world. That just sounded good.

Watch the video for some specific tips. Start where you are. But do start.

Also! Bonus tip here because you deserve it for reading the fine print …

Here’s how to create a new skill or habit:

  1. Try to do “the new thing” that’s slightly out of your comfort zone.
  2. Over and over and over. (Practicing.)
  3. Consistently and regularly until the new thing becomes second nature.

Thoughts are physical pathways in the brain! I shit you not. They are electrical, chemical and physiological. Scientists can show you on a brain scan. True story.

As with a muscle, it takes effort, repetition and time to build. If we take a break from “trying,” we lose our progress and have to start over. “Trying” because we’re not fully doing the thing until we’re competent, which is to say: doing it the way we want to be.

By the way, when we get good at several things, it helps boost our confidence in other things—related or not. (More on this in my #WakeUp2Luv course, coming soon to a quiet introverted computer screen near you!)

So, start, Charlie, start!!

xo AJ

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