How Much Time Should I Dedicate to Finding a Mate?

Feeling Frustrated with Finding a Mate… Grrr

Whether you’re window shopping on dating sites or in the “real” world, the amount of time you set aside to find your right mate is the same.

If you don’t think you can commit this much time to searching for your soulmate / life partner / future husband / naughty-concubinesque-wife / person-who-will-see-you-drool-on-your-pillow-and-not-flee-the-scene … then you’re not ready for a relationship.

Even if you’re not into online dating and prefer to venture into the real scary world of living, breathing, heart-beating humans in places where they congregate, you still need to set aside “this much” time to find him/her.

Because here’s the dealio, Emilio … if you don’t play your part in looking for them, then no matter how much time you sit on your sofa and plan / pray / meditate / mindfully manifest—God’s gonna say, sorry kid, you gotta participate.

And, listen, if you’re not into God, but you are into Universe / Energy / Law of Attraction / Good Vibrations … it’s still stinkin’ thinkin’ that’ll keep you from gettin’ God’s gift.

Think of it this way:

Example #1: I want to lose weight. I sit on my sofa eating a Sloppy Joe sammich. I do not go out. I do not pass go. I do not lose weight. (I probably slop on my sofa.)

We gotta participate.

(My editor hates me for all these grammar sloppies.)

Example #2: If you want a new coffee table and don’t make the time to shop around, you end up with the one you found in an alley that just doesn’t suit your decor, dammit! And now you have to get rid of it and find one that fits better, which is going to take even more time. #truestory

Same idea for finding the right mate.

Alleyway coffee table = first person you meet and kinda like = might not be the keeper you really want!

Takeaways to Finding a Mate:

  1. Shop around.
  2. Take your time. How much time? …
  3. Start with my one-minute video. (You’re welcome.)

xo AJ

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