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How to Get a Girl Out of Your League

Is She Too Good for You?

You want the girl of your dreams, right? That amazing woman who just seems to get you and surprises you every day with how fricken awesome-sauce she is, right? She’s gorgeous and smart, and she has her “poop in a group”—her shit’s together, man—and loves sex. Well, dude, if that’s true, you’ve probably wondered … How to get a girl out of your league, right?.

In last week’s blog, I mentioned that I’d recently worked with a guy who was interested in a girl who he thought was out of his league—way younger, professional model, super nice chick—well, we’ll get to how that story unfolded in a bit, but first …

How to Get a Girl Out of Your League Truth Bomb #1

Yup, some chicks are going to be out of your league. #damnbaby

Unless you’re Brad Pitt or The Gerry (Gerard Butler, star of 300)—which you prolly ain’t if you is here, Bae—then there’s some work you’ve got to do on yourself to up your “dateability score.”

Jessica Biel

The Jessica’s of the world have standards, but more important, they’ve got options.

How to Get a Girl Out of Your League Truth Bomb #2

You can up your dateability score and get a “better” girl by changing some things about you—the things that are actually changeable.

You can change your—

  • confidence
  • finances
  • slouching habit
  • shitty attitude
  • leadership skills
  • insecurity about your dick
  • other shit, I promise

You can’t change your—

  • height (well, you can, but it’s $80K and fricken painful)
  • hairline (get over it, don’t comb it over)
  • ethnicity
  • dick size

But, I’ll tell you something about how you can get more something-something: If you change your attitude, it’ll help fix all the stuff you can change.

How to Get a Girl Out of Your League Truth Bomb #3

You don’t want every chick who’s out of your league.

You may not even want the chick you think you want who you think is out of your league.

Here’s what happened for my client …

Before he met the babe in question, he and I went on a “mock date” (see coaching services).

He got positive feedback and what-to-do-different-dude (and why) feedback.

He got a date with She’s Outta My League … and rocked that date, MOFOs!

I text coached him through some insecurities and gave him #JustTheTip texting suggestions and feedback. (Again, with “why say this and not this.”)

He’s a smart guy and a quick learner.

Two weeks in, and a few dates later, he’s at the sleep-over stage.

Wanna know what happened?



HE decided she wasn’t the right gal for him, and since he’s looking for his Mrs. Forever, he cut her loose―the girl who, in his mind only two weeks ago, was out of his league.

By the way, I don’t influence guy’s choices, but I do ask questions that make them think about their true needs, values and goals. In this case, I agreed with his decision. She wasn’t out of his league, but she also wasn’t the one.

How to Get a Girl Out of Your League Actionables

If you want a girl who you think is out of your league—

  1. Improve your self-esteem.
  2. Figure out what that kind of girl would want in a guy.
  3. Become that guy OR …
  4. Only change what makes you happy.
  5. Get a girl who loves that best-self you.

xo AJ

p.s. Have you downloaded my INSTANT CONFIDENCE “TALK TO HER” TECHNIQUE? Dooo it.
p.p.s. Wanna get the step-by-step system to skyrocket your dateability score? Click here.

Anna Jorgensen

About the author

Vancouver dating coach for men who love women! ❤️
(Not PC and not a feminist.)

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  1. Hi Anna,
    First time writer. Enjoy your videos. Any pandemic advice? A women (40-50yrs) in the next block has caught my eye. I “feel” she is interested because when she sees me during my cooling down period (after my run), she crosses over to my side of the road and walks past me. I have tried to make eye contact with her but she looks down. I do not know if she is avoiding contact due to pandemic rules and is waiting 🙁 till things get better. With a mask on it only makes things appear worse. We do not have same schedules so I never know when I will see her. Any tips?
    Keep up the good work. Tks

    1. Hey Anthony, thanks so much for watching my videos! I answer short General questions on my newest YouTube video every Tuesday 3 PM PST for an hour where others can benefit. Otherwise, consider an email coaching session here for specific personal questions.
      Hope yo see you in the comments of my new video next Tuesday!

  2. Hi Anna,

    It's been only two days watching your videos and it will really help. The point you are making is correct why

    modern dating is hard and most importanntly dating modern women is hard. You are not a supporter of

    feminists and that's great. I'm not the guy used to attract to older womens, but do you think it's okay that a 20

    year old date an 60 year old because they are attracted to each other I don't think it's okay and right that's my

    opinion because I'm a strong sedevanctist traditional catholic that is outside the church that there is no

    salvation. I know why God created men and women and most importantly as you identified that men and

    women are different which many modern women rejects your position. So, my question is this is it okay that a

    20 year old man can date 60 year old women. I know you embrace tradition but still I want to know the

    answer for it. Keep up the good work anna my friend

    1. Thank you for watching my videos! Ethically, you can date anyone of legal age. There will likely be complications and challenges dating someone with a large age gap but that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome those difficulties. Did you watch my age difference videos? If not, start here. 🙂

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