Why Do Women Test Men? (The Shit Test Video)

Just Why DO Women Shit Test Men?

Women have been trained to shit test men by men. Wait, what??? Yep, if you want to know why do women shit test men all you have to do is look at men.

Or more accurately, the lies men have told women.

Men fib.

Often times, a man has a very good reason for fibbing to a woman.

And that reason is “wrath.”

There’s an old saying that hell hath no fury like a scorned woman.

Most men have experienced the emotional tornado of a displeased or disappointed woman.

If it wasn’t a girlfriend, then it was his mother at some point in childhood, whether directed at him or his father figure.

So, yeah, I get it. Men fib to avoid the Woman’s Wrath.

What the Woman’s Wrath Has to do With Why Women Shit Test Men

What this all means is that in order for a chick to fully trust a dude, she’s got to rely on his behaviour and reactions.

Women are emotional creatures.

And we’re also a ton more intuitive than men are when it comes to fibbing. Even when that truth-stretching is by omission, avoidance or creative storytelling.

So, as soon as we sense incongruence between a man’s words and his actions, we naturally and instinctively shit test.

I’ve never actually explained it this way, but that’s the darn truth of it.

Example of a Shit Test

You tell her you want to spend your Saturday with her. But the truth is that you’d rather be spending it with your buddies on the ball field.

She knows there’s something off. And if she knows why there’s “something off” (#incongruence with your true desires and what you’re telling her), she’d gonna prod you and ask you fifteen billion ways if you truly want to spend your Saturday with her.

Because she knoooooows you’re fibbing.


Be honest.

I know what a crazy idea.

But to pass this woman’s shit test in a way that’ll still get you something something (wink wink), you gotta be soft.

“Babe, you know I love my homies, so yeah, I’d like to be at the ball field with them. But you’re my woman and it’s more important that you’re happy so ima be with you today.”

If she’s worth her salt, she’ll be selfless and shoo you off to your buddy’s.

But if she wants you to hang with her anyway, well, hopefully she’ll appreciate that she’s the priority and reciprocate in future.

Summing Up The Slowing Down of the Shit Test

Eventually, if a man has good character and balls the size of Boulder Colorado, a woman will trust that his words and actions are in alignment and the shit testing will stop. (Until the next time she senses incongruence.)

But if she just shit testing you when you damn well know you a good guy doing good and saying good, but like for real, bro … well, then she may just be damaged goods with daddy issues (or whatever).

In that case, dude, run away. Do not go for a fixer upper. NO. Stop. Don’t. Retreat mofo, retreat.

You been warned.

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xo AJ

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