12 Tips for How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back!

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back (When She Breaks Up With You)

When she breaks up with you it can feel like your world will end and you overanalyze how to get your ex girlfriend back pronto.

You obsess over her, think about her constantly, and want to message her with a pile of questions.

You apologize profusely, ask what you can do to get her back and sometimes even beg for another chance.the shit test

But somewhere in the back of your mind you kind of know none of these pleas are the best course of action.

You’re never in a good negotiating position when you’re feeling desperate. Never.

And whatever you’re desperate to sell (you!) comes off as having less value than ever. Ever!

So, the pre-tip to knowing how to get your ex girlfriend back, especially when she broke up with you, is that your neediness reinforces her decision to leave.

So, how do you get your ex GF back?

Here are some the 12 tips I go over in the video (be sure to watch the whole video for extra info and what not to do!):

1. Detox
2. Act
3. No contact
4. No cyber stalking (and don’t do this: ___!)
5. Space #Zombie
6. Friends/family (except if …!)

Can you guess the rest of tips for how to get your ex girlfriend back?

7. Self-improvement
8. Social media strategy
9. When and how to reply
10. Negative vs positive
11. Logic vs emotion
12. Laugh

+ Bonus Tip! (Can you guess what it is??) 😉

I know the heartbreak you feel is real. Real bad.

Heartbreak sucks.

Going through a break up is truly like being addicted and going through withdrawal.

But if you follow these steps, you’ll have the best chance of getting your ex to come back to you.

And… believe it or not, you’ll be able to decide if you even want her back. Hint: You might not.

But one step at a time.

So, tell me, which of these steps on how to get your ex girlfriend back have you messed up on?

Let me know in the comments!

Hang in there, you will get through this.

xo AJ

p.s. Love is the biggest risk of all in life. It’s the bravest thing you can do. Remember that because you were willing to take that risk you are one of the bravest guys out there. Courage is sexy. Got that?!


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