How to Handle Women’s Tests (15 Examples!)

How to Handle Women’s Tests +Why She Tests You + 15 Examples

Women instinctively test men. We can’t help it. The sooner you learn to handle women’s tests, the better you’ll feel.

In fact, the sooner you learn to handle women’s tests effectively, the better you’ll both feel!

Why do women test men so dang much?

Women test men to find out what they’re (men’s) true character is. That’s it in a nutshell.

We generally don’t do it on purpose, it’s automatic and subconsciously initiated.

Women test men when we don’t know who you really are or when you’re words and actions have been incongruent — when they don’t line up and something seems fishy.

Women also test when men show weakness.

It’s an opportunity to prove your strength.

Again, usually we are not even aware we’re doing this. We just know if we respect you more or less based on how you handle yourself.

Women also have different tests for different stages of the relationship.

We test you when we first meet you, then as we’re dating you and even when in a committed relationship.

Do women ever stop testing men?

Good news! Yes! If…

Why she tests you or keeps testing you after you’ve already passed her initial tests is caused by one of three reasons (generally).

Three Reasons She Keeps Testing or Starts Again

  1. You’ve started acting weak or unworthy.
  2. She’s started feeling weak or unworthy.
  3. She’s is a whole bag of messed up, dude. Run!

I go over more details in the video and provide 15 examples of the way women test men plus a couple rules of thumb for how to handle women’s tests.

What are some examples of the ways women have tested you? Comment!

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You got this!

p.s. At the time of this writing, I just arrived back from 3 months with my family taking care of a dying family member. Life is full of tests and trying times. It’s how we handle everything that determines how effective we are at being happy. I hope my videos help you get happy.


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About the Author Anna Jorgensen

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David says November 26, 2019

This all sounds way to complicated trying to figure out what to do and say with each situation. It would be so much simpler if people were direct, honest with what they want and not play games. Saying they are in a relationship when they are not and the other things you mentioned.

    Anna Jorgensen says November 27, 2019

    Women are frustrating, I know! Think of it this way, I hate that eating ice cream every night makes me fat, but it does. We can either accept the truths of life and learn to roll with the punches or we can get frustrated and give up. Your choice, do whatever makes you happiest! 🙂 xo AJ

      David says November 27, 2019

      If a girl see’s the guy is struggling and does not understand her reaction or the fact she is testing him. Or if he walks away because she really could be in a relationship (there is no real way to know). Some guys don’t know (or are not able) how to read people, situations or body language.
      Is it in women’s nature to be understanding and help him or tell him she really is or is not in a relationship?

    David says May 2, 2020

    Women are complex, that is no secret. Women rely on EMOTIONS whereas men rely on RATIONALIZATION. Women aren’t direct because they either don’t know exactly what they want, don’t think they should have to tell you, or are driven by emotions(not rationalization) therefore they do not know how to tell you. ALL women are this way. Masculine and feminine, just the way it is.

Tim Spain says November 26, 2019

Amazing, She gave me a test I got mad. Then next time kept my cool and she gave me a half grin and spoke in her professional voice. I said thanks and gave a smile and walked away. I felt good. I hope she learned I can cope.I know this isn’t much to go on , but would like to know what you think. Thanks

    Anna Jorgensen says November 27, 2019

    That’s great! She’s probably evaluating your improvement in handling it. She may try again just to make sure, but keep your cool and you’ll be fine! 🙂 xo AJ

PAUL says December 3, 2020

Lying does mean not accepting consequences,
but it does not necessarily mean not accepting responsibility.

I have been a real stickler for telling the truth, even through bad consequences. At 15 years the ladies in the househoid got phonecalls and I would refuse to answer their callers that they were “not home”.

Although I remember lying to one of these ladies once.
I told her that so and so called for them, but not to worry, because I told them you were out with … any name here …
That was fun for me — though I never actually did that.

Also, at age 6 years I lied three times

Next lie was while in the military and it again was to avoid a perceived threat.

Last and fourth lie in my 70_ years was to a young lady I was in a stipulated short-term sexual relationship with.
She refused to believe the truth I told her about myself, so I told her the lie she wanted to here. When she found out, she was furious.
I did not push back, I pushed our and said that we are over and must separate and we did. It was a friendly separation, But she expressed a grudge about it when I phoned later — a mistake phoning her for sure.

PAUL says December 3, 2020

Archie Goodwin — the streetwise detective foot-man for the genius Nero Wolfe in Rex Stout’s series titled Nero Wolfe

This is a depiction of the man you describe in all the work I have heard and read so far. — Just a tip that you might like it.
It is a brainy and very witty set of stories with action and a great pair of complimentary opposites.

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