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How to Find a Girlfriend in Isolation (Video added!)

How to Find a Girlfriend in Isolation

Before we get into how to find a girlfriend in isolation, let’s discuss if you should find a girlfriend when you’re in isolation…

Personally, I think there are a lot of benefits of dating right now!

You’re just going to have to do it differently; more traditionally.

Benefits of Meeting Someone Now

  1. You’ll know how they deal with big life stresses.
  2. They may be more honest and vulnerable.
  3. It’ll be easier (more expected) to discuss standards and boundaries sooner.
  4. You’ll find out sooner if your fundamental values are in alignment.
  5. You can talk about what you need when you’re experiencing big stress.

You’re like, Oh, yeah, ok I’m on board, now how to find a girlfriend in isolation, Anna??

Hold up! We’ve got to go through the pitfalls, first…

Pitfalls of Dating in Isolation

  1. You could be situationally co-dependent.
  2. If you haven’t met in person, you may not have chemistry when you finally do meet.
  3. You won’t know how the other person really is in the real world. (This also applies to long distance relationships!)

Still want to know how to find a girlfriend in isolation?

Ok, fine, here are the three basic ways of…

How to Find a Girlfriend in Isolation

  1. Dating site / app. (Obvi, but watch the video for the bonus side note!)
  2. Social media
  3. In person. (Wait, what?? Yep, watch the video.)

Let’s say none of these options are your thing, or maybe aren’t possible for you where you live.

In which case, you don’t need to know how to find a girlfriend in isolation, you need to know how to make the most of isolation.

First, you can watch my Improve Sexual Market Value video while keeping these next tips in mind.

General Benefits of Isolation

  1. There’s less pressure to date or find a GF right now.
  2. There’s no pressure to get physical (no rejection there!).
  3. You can figure yourself out.
  4. You can focus on self-development.
  5. There’s an opportunity to get to know the real side of people.
  6. You’ll learn to appreciate what you used to take for granted. #freedom
  7. It’s acceptable to talk to strangers again (from 6′ away). #connection
  8. There’s a sense of community.
  9. You can catch up on chores and doing “nothing” which is important, too!
  10. If you avoid online binge shopping, you’ll learn to live with less.

So whether you choose to look for love right now or working on loving yourself more during this time, remember to be gentle with yourself and others.

Dating (life!) is stressful at the best of times and these are not the best of times for most.

I hope this has helped you if you wanted to know how to find a girlfriend in isolation or if you just want to give yourself permission to bow out of the hunt for now.

Big eHug and lots of love,


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Anna Jorgensen

About the author

Vancouver dating coach for men who love women! ❤️
(Not PC and not a feminist.)

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  1. As an older guy I have learned the hard way what is truly important in life – establishing good relationships! So what you put out with this video is reality, regardless of the situation anyone finds themselves in. The CV-19 situation has just brought the matter to the forefront! I was pleasantly surprised at the insights you came up with and how you addressed them! Good job old girl!!

    I do disagree with having a long “qual sheet” to evaluate potential mates – I see using one as a way to ruin a potential relationship if all one focuses on is “checking the boxes.” For me, with the lady friend I adore I had an epiphany after a dinner we had just done – there was no “she is this way, can do this or that, scored xx on the qual sheet, etc” – there was a moment when a light bulb went off in my head that “this is the one!” And it had little to do with looks … it had to do with her personality, behavior, attitude, hopes & dreams, beliefs, etc.

    I might very well be out in left field with my thoughts – but that is what makes me unique! However, I have experienced more and better relationships with people over the past few years by just being myself and focusing on what is good about someone (“the glass is half full” notion). Not everyone will be my friend / girlfriend / ally – but – as the philosopher Forrest Gump said – “Life is like a box of chocolates … you never know what you’re gonna get!”

  2. Your “bonus” video was a gem, Anna! And what you talked about supports my comments in my 4/22 comments – it’s all about relationships!

    What I’m wondering is what/how do you come up with your presentations? You come through as being very sincere and genuine … not to mention having a lot of practical insights and suggestions! This is not the girl I read about in your book!!

    Keep up the good work!!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I wrote that book several years ago, I’m older and wiser now 😉
      Coming up with topics is easy! I have a long list of requests from viewers. From there, I usually brainstorm a few thoughts and wing it.
      If it’s an area out of my expertise, I’ll do some homework first. (And disclose that.)
      Thanks for being a loyal viewer (and reader)!

      1. Anna,

        I truly appreciate your reply to my comments!

        I am not one who normally does such things online (not much of a web socialite – although I was a techie for years!). But in this case, what I’ve experienced in my year of being single again (had a practice marriage of 40 years!) is identical to what you talk about and provide advice on! You have been so “spot on” that it is uncanny and eerie!

        As I’ve mentioned before, I wasn’t too impressed with you after reading your book. However, it is obvious that you have “come a long way” in your personal life and maturity/wisdom!

        I hope that all is well with you in your life!

        And a continued thanks for doing what you do!


  3. Hey
    apropo isolation, in the 7 principles to get back you talk about if/when she reaches out , you should invite her to your place, she brings the wine too

    But with this pandemic let’s say she contacts me in june still lockdown, she lives across the border, she doesnt have a car, she used to come by train, so it’s a really big ask to say to her to come to my place … , i mean she’s a student, cant really leave her country, the pandemic .. coming with train..
    what are the alternatives ?

    1. Don’t ask her to come over if it’ll risk either of your lives or liberties… i.e. don’t do anything illegal. Speak on the phone or invite her to a Skype/Facetime date instead. Limited but better than just text/IM.
      Sub to my YT channel, I’m prepping videos for texting to increase chemistry etc.
      Hope this help! Trying times for sure.

  4. Greetings, Would it be safe to say when a connection is confirmed between a male & female to accept imperfections and agree to grow together in life **is the promise terms consent before saying ‘till death do us part’ ? I would really appreciate if career women of my era-cohort 80s born would wake up to fact and reality that life seasons will change and our generation would benefit from a long term in-person connect not always captured/ documented daily on the web (making it to grandparenthood with someone?). We can utilize so many underused means of creating and making together as man & woman beyond lifestyle magazine-esque photo ops & feeds to provoke desire and hollow envy from an online audience. I embrace the unprecedented connectivity possible from the mobile-web network; however, can we ‘be real’ again (vs. constantly presenting ‘life’ from perspective of ‘image management’ without knowing friends one at a time in person not so long ago); getting back to experiencing love in adult life *** a motivation that made us look forward to ‘growing up’ when we where kids in the 90s. My thoughts on the matter. Thanks for helping guys out A.J. & sharing the inner person most women conceal in hopes of reinventing a natural constant **(even when willing to reveal more than ever physically)** beneath many stunning ladies; man-folk are drawn to a ‘first glance’ however those with a vision for legacy will *commit* to a trustworthy woman; proven as motivated to be a good mother and honorable wife while candidly human/ life-mate over the years. All the best **

    1. Thank you for your well thought out and insightful comment… the craziest part is that “they know not what they do” (Women and particularly feminists). I’m thinking I may need to start a channel to help them find their way back. Or maybe I’ll do some videos and let my WingmamTV subs share (since most of my subs are men). … just thinking out loud. 🙂

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