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Weird Way to Rejection Proof Your Psyche (Surprise!)

Rejection Proof Your Psyche

You may not correlate this seemingly strange way to reject proof your psyche but I assure you it’ll make sense shortly.

What’s the way?


I told you it was weird!

Seriously, though, I literally woke up this morning feeling tired and this is what triggered me to think of you.

Don’t take that the wrong way. 😉

I’ve had a lot of sleep problems because of a lot of health problems over the years, so I speak from experience.

Here’s my line of thought…

  1. I wake up tired.
  2. Tired makes me unmotivated.
  3. Unmotivated makes me lazy.
  4. Lazy makes me fat.
  5. Fat makes me feel crappy about myself.
  6. Feeling crappy about myself makes me sensitive to criticism and life’s woes.
  7. Being overly sensitive makes me give up more easily.
  8. Giving up more easily creates undesired results for __ (anything I want)
  9. Undesired results make me feel crappy about myself…return to #6

Do you see where this is going?

Sleep is so darn important!

Here’s how lack of quality sleep affects your life similarly…

  1. You wake up tired.
  2. Tired makes you unmotivated.
  3. Unmotivated makes you __ (fill in the blank): unproductive / lazy / cranky / disheartened / depressed etc
  4. Any of these things make you feel crappy about yourself.
  5. Crappy makes you feel sensitive.
  6. Sensitive makes you give up.
  7. Giving up makes you fail.
  8. Rinse and repeat cycle.

So, yeah, the way to rejection proof your psyche is to get adequate good sleep.

Let’s look at some solutions.

How to Get Good Sleep to Rejection Proof Your Psyche

  1. Only watch the news or other stressful media early in the day
  2. Get bright light — preferably outside daylight — early in the day
  3. Eat healthier: more whole real foods; less processed/packaged foods
  4. Avoid eating within 3-4 hours of bedtime
  5. Exercise daily: avoid high intensity training close to bedtime
  6. Turn off all electronic gadgets 1-2 hours before your desired sleep time
  7. Avoid drinking a lot of fluids 1-2 hours before bed
  8. Don’t consume caffeine if sensitive to it
  9. Avoid alcohol in the evenings (studies show it prevents deep sleep – who knew?!)
  10. Use blue light reducing screen filters on your computer (Get a free month with the one I use here.)
  11. Reduce bright lights in the evening
  12. Remove electronic gadgets that emit light (cell, clock, tv) from your bedroom or sleep with an eye mask
  13. Have a night time routine that winds down not up (think calm tunes not work mode)
  14. Meditate regularly especially before bedtime
  15. Set / reduce the room temperature in your bedroom
  16. Make one last trip to the bathroom before sleeping
  17. Try to make the last thing you think of before falling asleep something pleasant

The more of these suggestions you integrate the better sleep you’ll get.

The Bonus Round

If these suggestions don’t work, ask your naturopathic doctor and/or regular doctor to check into:

  1. Adrenal fatigue
  2. Hormone changes
  3. Sleep apnea
  4. Melatonin

You’ll rejection proof your psyche to women, work, or whatever life tests you with.

Note to self: knock off researching coronavirus stuff at night! Ok ok.

Remember to check into Iris, the blue light blocking app for your computer!

Also, I now accept PayPal for all my programs!

xo AJ

Here’s a video that’ll give you some other ideas to rejection proof your psyche as well:

And, why not, a playlist on handling rejection better:


rejection proof your psyche

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  1. Rejection is a subset of failure and losing. It is part of life that we are supposed to learn to handle in elementary school. All the no child left behind crap has created a lot of hypersensitive entitled people that may be doomed to never being really happy.
    A good night’s sleep also boosts our auto immune system. All of your advice is good but, I always found that just putting in a hard day’s work made falling asleep very easy(while watching the evening news). Now, I have sleep apnea and use a cpap. When using it correctly, I wake up fairly refreshed. It has also reduced my blood sugar and blood pressure.
    I think that I mentioned it to you last year that you should look at a cpap. If you have sleep apnea, a cpap can help with many health problems. Good Luck, Rick

  2. Poor sleep really does leave us more susceptible to things. I find that if I don’t sleep with my blanky (a twin size deep purple satin comforter with a crown applique in gold- made for me by my maternal grandmother who called me her “little prince”…) I don’t do worth a damn the next day. I have other blankies but this one is my favoritist. Women have made fun of my blanky but I don’t let it bother me. I just don’t date them anymore. But if they are nice I’ll share it with them.

    Imagine that from a 60 year old biker looking type… it’s called “marshmallow in leather” syndrome.

    I always love reading your YouTube posts. Like Debbie Boone would sing, “You Light Up My Life”.
    Don’t stop. I’ll get lost. And really bored.


  3. I never have sleep problems. It starts when I get up not when I go to bed. Always make your day something to look forward too. This elemenates stress. Don’t be to hard on yourself if the day doesn’t go the way you thought. Give yourself praise for your accomplishments and what you can’t handle give to the Lord. Do all the things you can to enhance your health and set back and give thanks for your blessings. Don’t go to bed untill you’ve yawned at least three times. Then give yourself one thought to look forward to in the morning. Get in bed and say a prayer, giving thanks for the day. Bless the Lord, then get into the most comfortable position you can and by 5 or 6 am you’ll be bright eyed and ready for the next day. Oh , the rejection part there loss is my gain. Never take anything to hard , if its ment to be it will be. This works for me Anna. You also have good suggestion. Stay positive, your Gerard Butler could be right around the corner. Its more difficult now in these crazy times to move forward , but just keep going. I painted my first car the other day. Was it perfect ? No, but I can say I learned by the experience and I slept well after because I achieved my goal. I was also dog ass tiered. Hope this helps and just for kicks there where two men out in the woods. One falls over hits the ground. His eyes are glazed and he’s not breathing. His friend calls 911. He tells the operator he thinks his friend is dead. The operator tells him the first thing to due is make sure he is dead. There’s a slight pause and then a gun shot. The man then replies to the operator , ok now what? Good nite

  4. excellent advice list for sleeping better. Could add > minimize ALL sources of noise. People don’t realize how noisy the Big City is now, compared to only 40 years ago. ( I know you’re still a spring chicken )
    out where I live – on the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island – after 6 pm it’s completely quiet…
    if you like, I’ll pay for you to take a little get-away at a B+B here = Weir’s Beach, Metchosin = for a couple of good nights’ sleep. My appreciation for the work you do

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