5 Tips To Rock Your First Date!

Rock Your First Date (Leave Her Wanting More!)

If you want to rock your first date and make her want another date with you, be unexpected.

When you stand out from the usual suspects (prospects) she’s dated in the past, you automatically intrigue her and pique her curiosity about you.

So how do you rock your first date and increase your chances of a second, third or fifteen date?

Let’s look at a few simple tips!

Feedback from my own and friend’s dating experiences as well as talking with many women.

Rock Your First Date Tips

Do ask her if it’s okay to order for her!

Obviously, we’re assuming you’re on a typical dinner date.

IF you know her from your social circle or have FaceTimed and know there’s mutual physical attraction, I do recommend the traditional dinner date.

As far as ordering for her, some ladies love this kind of chivalry, but others will find it chauvinistic.

If you met online and actually read her profile and chatted a bit before the date, you might already know if you’re on the same page with this.

If not, and if it’s a big deal(breaker), then filter better next time.

Either way, make sure you ask her if she has any food preferences or allergies.

No one likes a first date in the ER. (Though I do know of a couple that met this way!)

Don’t expect a kiss on the first date.

Even if she likes you, it’s not mandatory protocol to pucker up.

If you’re unsure, ask!


God, I really want to kiss you, Ashley.

Boldness, not arrogance or cockiness, is a reoccurring theme for how to rock your first date!

Depending on her age and values will determine if she expects a kiss (or more) on the first date.

Again, this is for those fine fellas who are looking for a keeper, not a one night deep relationship. 😉

However, if you’re attracted to her and assume she’s even potentially attracted to you…

You must at least let her know you want to kiss her; or if you missed your chance, you need to let her know after the fact you’d wanted to kiss her.


Ugh, I really wanted to kiss you, Ashley

She’ll let you know if you should have! And this will tell you if you should kiss her much earlier in your next date!

No sexual tension = friend zone.

Do give her a warm hug after a first date if you liked her.

But ask first!

With the #metoo movement and the pandemic, the world has changed and any physical contact must be consensual.

If she’s good to go then… No teepee hugs. No granny pats.

Linger a bit if you’re hoping for more.

If she doesn’t pull away, she may be open to a kiss; if it’s not super obvious she wants to swap spit a chaste kiss on the cheek is usually safe.

And if she says no, cuts the hug off short or pulls away then abort mission stat!

The silver lining of The Great Pandemic of 2020 is that it isn’t deemed beta behaviour to ask before advancing physically.

Don’t lead her on if you don’t have a romantic interest or attraction to her!

Bad dog.

Reality land is that unless she looks substantially different than her photos or, if you’ve met before, from what she looked like last time you saw her, you’ll probably be attracted.

Men are more visual than women, believe it or not.

You may discover you’re not interested in a longer term relationship with her but wouldn’t mind a quick fling or friends with benefits situation.

Tell the truth. Trust she can handle it.

If she can’t, red flag and kettle bell buh-bye!

Do text her the night after the first date if you’re interested in seeing her again!

You don’t need to make plans right away!

It’s ok to give her some breathing room — always leave them wanting more — but do text her after.


I had a really great time with you tonight, Ashely. I’d like to see you again. x 🙂

This is a bold move other guys don’t do.

They don’t confidently declare they want her and they don’t put it right out there that they want another date.

You’ll find out if she feels the same and if she was on the fence about you it may sway her your way.

From there, she’ll rethink why she might actually be attracted to you after all.

Let her come to you.

And in the meantime, have a life so that when she does, you’re not overly anxious to nail down the first day she’s available.

Here’s a powerful phrase that make women want more… ready?


I want to see you but that day won’t work for me. How about Thursday?

What’s the Wingmam Motto?

Right! Always leave them wanting more.

And if she isn’t interested and was simply overly polite during the date, she might feel more at ease letting you down via text.

That’s ok. Next!

Never be rude, you’re a gentleman of value.

If you question your value, you need my WakeUP2Luv program. PayPal now accepted!

xo Anna

Oh look, a playlist on texting and online communication! Rock your first date and the follow up strategy.

You’re welcome. Flutter 😉

About the Author Anna Jorgensen

Vancouver dating coach for men who love women! ❤️ (Not PC and not a feminist.)

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Tim Spain says June 24, 2020

Is Ashley available? What is face time ? Why do I find you so funny? Can I try a song out on you ? Be kind if I suck ! Are you doing ok there in Canada ?Best wishes, I still think Anna Maria Jorgensen you are absolutely Gorgeous. You are aloud to send me the I’m not into you video. I’m just over it. If we where ever to meet I would love to take you for a friendly bike ride sometime. Be careful in the sun and all my best to you for helping guys like me. I think I need to go build a log home now

Lew Kamp says June 24, 2020

It’s not universally true that you ask for a “hug”. First of all, you hug your Mom or your Grandma, not your date. You embrace her. If I feel like things on first date went well, at the appropriate moment, I stand directly in front of her with my hands open palm on her shoulders. Then lean forward and move may hands around her shoulders, aiming slightly downward as they go around her lower shoulder blades, pull her in very snug but it’s not a bear hug. Hold her close, if she feels my heart beat…great, hold5-6 seconds, then move my head back while still holding tight and check the eyes, they give permission…boom, first kiss, make it short but memorable. Let her let go first.
If that’s the goodnight kiss, that’s fine. Next date it’s a repeat but this time it’s hands go around her arms to back but then down lower to just below her kidneys, pull close and then a lip lock, no fooling around this time, tonsil hockey. It’s either happening or it’s not. It does. This is what MEN do. 😉

Paul says June 25, 2020

This is terrible advice. Don’t try for the kiss on the first date. Really? How Victorian. Also, she says to ask first before kissing the girl. How beta is that? A real mood killer, that one. And it has nothing with the virus and quarantine either. This is just lame advice from a woman who claims to be politically-incorrect. Very disappointing. Beginning to get very annoyed with all these female dating coaches who needlessly complicate what should be a very simple and natural process.
Women have all the advantages when it comes to dating, including the sexual VETO power; and this woman just wants to perpetuate the status quo rather than level the playing field so that men are not just cannon fodder for female rejection. Very disappointing!!

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