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Is She Really Worth It? (She’s The One If…)

Is She Really Worth It?

Signs She’s a Good Woman for YOU…

There are general signs she’s a good woman that any woman should have, but if you’ve asked yourself, “Is she really worth it?” you need to ask yourself some key questions…

Let’s start with the basics.

Some General Signs She’s a Good Woman

She’s a Good Woman if She…

  1. Is honest but kind even when it doesn’t serve her. #integrity
  2. Is genuine, what you see is what you get; no bait and switch.
  3. Practices self-care but isn’t selfish.
  4. Is confident but not arrogant.
  5. Is compassionate but not a push-over.
  6. Has her own life and doesn’t rely on you to entertain her.
  7. Takes care of her health (body and soul).
  8. Has her own opinions but disagrees respectfully.
  9. Is open to commitment with the right man not just any man.
  10. Respects your close relationships and questions them only if those relationships are unhealthy for you.
  11. Is interesting and challenging but not confrontational.
  12. Is consistent not chaotic.
  13. Can regulate her emotions to avoid irrational conflict but doesn’t ignore issues or manipulate to get her way.
  14. Is curious and genuinely cares about your thoughts and feelings. #AsksQs
  15. Has standards and thoughtfully communicates them without judgement.
  16. Reaches out / initiates as much as you do and encourages connection.
  17. Makes as much an effort in the relationship as you do.
  18. Encourages you to follow you passions!
  19. Builds you up; is your biggest cheerleader.
  20. Has a good relationship with her parents and siblings, if any.

These are some of the basics.

There are many more. I may do a video on this you can share it far and wide to help good-hearted women find their way back to their Goddess selves.

Now, let’s look at your relationship with her specifically.

She’s a Good Woman FOR YOU If…

  1. Her values and belief systems align with yours.
  2. Your long term goals align.
  3. She makes room to prioritize you and your relationship.
  4. You are never compared in a negative light to any of her exes or her father or…
  5. She only compares your good qualities to those of her dad who she has/had a good relationship with but emphasizes you’re even better.
  6. She brings value to the relationship not just good looks or great sex.
  7. Expresses love and appreciation in the way you need it. #5LoveLanguages
  8. You have fun and laugh a lot together even if you’re not doing much of anything.
  9. You have comfortable silences and are content doing nothing together.
  10. She thinks your so-called flaws are cute and quirky.

Bonus point: She wants you and only you and makes sure you know it without using jealousy or head games.

5 Signs She Might be “The One”

  1. Introducing her to your friends and family feels natural and requires no caveat disclosures.
  2. You consciously or unconsciously imagine each other in your future together.
  3. The more time you spend with her outside the bedroom the more you genuinely like her as a person.
  4. You notice other woman but don’t seriously wish you were single so you could pursue them.
  5. She brings out the best in you but not with demands but because she makes no such demands thus inspiring you to be a better man because you want to.

In essence, life just feels better with her by your side. You feel stronger together, like you can take on the world — or at least take on the day.

You know you don’t need her to survive but you want her and — if you are truly whole and ok on your own — can’t imagine anyone else taking her place.

Remember, no one is perfect. We all have bad days. 

Relationships require effort and compassion and forgiveness. 

Sorry’s don’t cut it. The best proof of effort is changed behaviour. This applies to you, as well.

So if she genuinely makes an effort in the relationship and she has most of these qualities, then she’s a good woman and she just might be worth it.

There are a rare few of these women in the world, so if you want a chance with one of them, invest in my WakeUP2Luv program so you can find, attract and keep a Keeper!

WakeUP2Luv program details here.

See you in the comments on YouTube!

xo AJ

Is She Really Worth It / Is She “The One” video here or here:

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