What Women REALLY Want in a Man! (12 PROVEN Tips)

What Women REALLY Want

Good news, fellas! What women really want in a man are qualities any man can develop. For real, even you! 😉

The even better news is these are traits every man would feel better about improving regardless of what a woman wants!

If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is.

Now, for the skeptics who think all women really want a buff Chad with a big… wallet and a lot of power, success or fame, well, you’re right.


Okay, you’re half right.

Sure, most women appreciate those qualities but — and here’s the kicker — most women don’t need all those things to be happy and horny (for you).

True story.


Hypergamy is basically the act of a person marrying “up to the next level” which can include a man with good looks, money, power, fame etc.


Hypergamy is more pronounced in younger women, especially the “Ashleys” of the world who (because of youthful fertility) are biologically wired to respond to the qualities in men that will ensure they produce healthy and well-cared for offspring.

Wait, wait, wait, before you climb that tall bridge, hear me out!

The good news for the Every Day John is the personality attributes behind success in any form can be developed by you.

Yes, you!


Aside from naturally attractive genetics, it’s actually these traits women really want in a man!

Shut the front door! Am I right?

Yes, of course, some women want it all, but believe it or not, those women are far and few between.

Just like you want it all but you’d be super content with a gal who gets your motor running, respects and appreciates you, and isn’t too high maintenance.

Am. I. Right??


Watch and learn, my friend, watch and learn!

xo AJ

p.s. Step-by-step road map to developing the right traits for you: WakeUP2Luv.

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