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3 Best Photos to Use on Dating Apps (& THE 7 Worst!)

BEST Photos to Use on Dating Apps (& THE 7 WORST!)

The best photos for datings apps are less important than the worst photos for dating apps/sites.

The reason has to do with a psychological term called “the halo effect.”

The Halo Effect

The Halo Effect is the phenomenon whereby we’re influenced long term by our first impression—even if plenty of new information conflicts with that impression.

In other words, because of our biases, if we’re turned off right away, it’s tough to turn us back on.

As well, if we’re turned on right away, it’ll be a challenge to turn us off.

However, since women’s primary need is for safety, we tend to err more on the cautious side and get turned off more easily.

So it’s critically important to not turn her off with your dating app or dating site photos.

In online dating, you rarely get a second chance.

The Goal of Pics for Dating Sites

I did an interview awhile back with Greg Schwartz, dating coach, and he offered these tips.

  1. Get her to swipe right or click for more info.
  2. Spark initial chemistry.
  3. Create physical attraction (or at least don’t deter her)!
  4. Show attractive (not typical) interests.

Greg suggests you have at least two of the above for any photo you include in your dating profile. (I agree.)

While there are many good images you can include in your photos for dating apps, there are three key photos every profile must have.

3 Best Photos to Include

  1. Clear head (or head and shoulders—no dandruff!) shot with nothing obstructing the eyes, preferably looking directly at the camera.
  2. Body shot—not the Spring Break kind, more on this in a bit—showing your full physique with clothing on!
  3. Looking happy doing something you love. Hobby, sport, friends. (Caveat to follow!)

Then you can add some other photos to represent who you are and how you live. See my Double Your Online Dating video training for more info. $10US. <— stellar price!

Now what about what not to include?

7 Worst Photos to Not Include

1. Selfies!

Especially bathroom selfies! Especially shirtless bathroom selfies! (One exception applies, stay tuned.)

Her translation: you’re vane, shallow, need validation, are just looking for sex, or have no friends.

Key point: Women need proof of social competence. (Understanding Women playlist below.)

2. Unclear, grainy or dated image of face!

Such as wearing a hat and sunglasses or in shadows or looking away from the camera.

Her translation: You’re insecure, hiding from someone or the law, or ugly.

Key point: Women’s primary need is to feel safe.

3. Puppy love!

If the main photo or multiple photos are of you and/or your dog, cat, pet iguana or turtle dove.

Her translation: You have no friends and/or you’re overly attached to your dog (this may be true) and she’ll always be in 2nd place to your pup.

(Unpopular) Key point: While all pet owners should love and take care of their animal, if your pet will always be a higher priority than your relationship, you’re not ready for a relationship.

4. Photos of you drunk!

Her translation: You’re an alcoholic or drinking is very important to you.

Further translation: You’re immature and irresponsible. (One exception applies, stay tuned.)

Key point: If she’s looking for a long term relationship, she wants to be with someone who’s actually ready for that.

5. A main photo as a far away shot!

Avoid photos that you can’t be identified in, like on a mountain, especially if no close up photos included.

Her translation: Danger! Shreddies killer! Or… you’re hiding something or insecure about your appearance.

Key point: What you don’t show in your profile says a lot, too!

6. A main photo with friends!

Don’t use a main photo of you and a bunch of guys. It’s confusing.

Put one photo with friend last and only if you’re best looking guy in the bunch.

Her translation: — Nada. (She doesn’t have time to figure out which one you are, swipe left.)

Key point: Make it easy for her to NOT swipe left!

7. Photos of “stuff!”

Avoid photos with you not in the shot, but of images of things like cars, animals, concert tickets etc.

Her translation: He must be super into “this” and expects me to be, too.

Key point: Unless it’s a dealbreaker that she like whatever’s in that photo without you in it, delete or at least make it interesting and put it last.

Remember, all your photos must score minimum two out of four on the Photo Goals Checklist!

Get a whole bunch of other tips on dating app and dating site photos, bios, first communication, first date and follow up in my Double Your Online Dating video training program!

Want the full meal dealio, the advanced program for becoming the most irresistible man you can be?

Then get my WakeUP2Luv program. If you think you can handle it, Sir! x 😉

Playlist for Online Dating & Communication
Playlist for Understanding Women


best photos to use on dating apps

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