Project 50 First Dates—First Date #5: Smoke Signals

Is Smoking a Dealbreaker?

Dating site:
Age: 50s
Kids: don’t think so.
Work: management

In all fairness, it was my fault.

I didn’t read his profile.

Or maybe I did, and I can’t remember because they―dating site profiles―start blurring together after a while.

Hey, don’t judge―this is honesty. Anyone on a dating site long enough will agree.

I’ll save you a lengthy lead up and simply cut to it: Not a right match—he didn’t meet my Top 5.

We interrupt this blog to let the knew people in the room know this post is a revisit to a few years ago when I was testing out a 50 First Dates project.

I’m not on the market, please don’t send me your love resume. 😉

Back to the blog…

He wore eau de cigarette smoke―usually a sign of a cigarette smoker―which is a definite no way for me.

(This is why even The Gerry wouldn’t make the cut for me in real life. For real.) 

Also, Smoke Signals liked to go on extended road trips to places remote and unknown―like Alaska.

I like to go on short walking jaunts in high heels to high-priced espresso shops, like anywhere with sirens in the background.

Blog interjection! I’m still into short jaunts, but also more into sensible heels. When did I get old??

Okay, fine, I like road trips, too, but I need balance and Smoke Signals kinda loathed anything “vanity.”

(Apparently, fashion shows aren’t “nature enough.” *Meh, shrug*)

I’d still go to a fashion show if we’re ever allowed to again. Maybe. (In sensible shoes.)

By the way, I knew better about making the date, he refused to talk on the phone before meeting me, but I felt desperate to get my date on because I was behind in my 50 dates social study.

My bad. Apologies all around. (Though, I would’ve asked had we chatted!)

Here’s how singles can learn from my hasty date-making decisions …

The Quick and Dirty Takeaways:

You’ll save time and effort in the dating site long run if you …

  1. Read their profile: obvious, and yet many don’t do this!
  2. Engage in the 2/2/1 step: two dating site IMs; two offline emails; one quick (10-15 min) phone call. Then meet ‘n greet ‘n go from there.
  3. Four of five of the guys I dated during this project slouch. Stop that! It comes off as lazy, insecure (not confident!), and uninterested. Which of those qualities is sexy? (Exactly.)

Now that there are limitations everywhere on events of any kind, more and more quality prospects are trying online dating.

But the good ones don’t last, guys!

They either get overwhelmed, turned off, or swooped up STAT.

So, if you haven’t tried online dating, now might be the time, but make sure to give yourself the best chance of success with my Double Your Online Dating video training. It’s only $10!

xo AJ

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Sam Wilkes says November 24, 2020

Hey Anna, have you ever heard of Asperger’s Syndrome, and have you ever worked with an Aspie? I don’t know if you know this, but we’re a challenge!!!

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