She Blocked You

Can You Get Her Back When She Blocked You?

If she blocked you, it’s pretty obvious she doesn’t want to hear from you right now, but in time can you get your ex back when she blocked you?

Short answer: It depends.

First you have to look at the most likely reasons she blocked you.

Common Reasons She Blocked You

  1. You were way too needy, desperate, attentive etc.
  2. She knows you’re bad for her and she’s weak to your charms.
  3. She’s already seeing someone else—or wants to.

Let’s take a closer look at these three reasons she blocked you.

Needy Nelson

Needy behaviour translates into low self-worth.

If you act like you’re the lucky one to be with her, she’ll feel that and feel the same way—you’re the lucky one, not her.

She’ll question your worth because unconsciously you do, too.

She’s unconsciously wondering, “What do you know about you that she doesn’t know?”

It can’t be good.

Bad Boy (For Her)

If you were bad for her you were probably bad to her.

Maybe you were the opposite of needy, you were aloof, disregarding or even disrespectful.

The bad boy part of you—your masculine dominance—probably ignited her attraction but your treatment of her made her cray cray in a bad way way.

At some point, if she has any self-respect, she’ll walk away.

Someone Else on the Scene

Whether because of one of the first two reasons or something else, if she blocked you and moved on to other pastures and has blocked you, she wants to explore something with someone else.

Logic will not convince her to give you another chance. She’s moved on. For now.

In any of these cases, for you to have a chance with her again, she needs to see you as a totally different person than the one she was dating.

  • If you were needy, you need to be independent.
  • If you were aloof, you need to be attentive.

But, Anna.. She. Blocked. Me!

I know, hun, I’m getting to that, be patient.

If there’s any way to show her (not tell her!) indirectly that you are not the guy she dated, then do that.

Post on social media, get your mutual friends to post on social media, things that show you having a life or being a different guy than the one she knew.

At some point, she may unblock you.

  • If you were Mr. Needy, wait at least 30 days to reach out. Sixty if you’re still heartbroken! It will ooze through in your interactions and she’ll feel that and it will be a turnoff.
  • If you were Mr. Aloof, wait 30 days and then reach out.

And if she contacts you first, reply! But don’t be overly anxious.

Be prepared, she will probably test you to see if this new you is real or if you’re faking just to get her back.

In the meantime, the best thing you can do if you were Mr. Needy is to become Mr. High Value by investing in my WakeUP2Luv program and doing the work!

Doing the work makes you a new man women respect.

Hint: Women need to respect you in order to be aroused by you!

There’s a whole lot more detail in the video, so best to watch it. Twice!



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I have one solution to being blocked “Next!” Not that I don’t need to be improved but…

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