Why Do I Care About Men?

Why DO I Care About Men?

A viewer recently made a comment on one of my recent videos asking me why I do what I do. Why do I care about men?

Well, if you know my story, you know I came to be a dating and relationship expert by personal experience… in that I sucked at both!

Long story longer: obsessive study of psychology and relationships, experimentation and practicing what I was learning, and listening to experts and non-experts.

Bottom line, I wanted to save others from the heart-wrenching struggles I’d had.

I start working with women but my direct (masculine) approach didn’t gel well with most of them.

Then I got my first male client!

What a difference!

Men and Women are Different

Men are so wonderfully logical!

I’d suggest something and if it made sense they accepted it and, if motivated to change, tried the suggestions, which lead them to success.

Woohoo! Most rewarding feeling everrrr.

Women accept the concept, but emotionally reject change and often refuse to try anything different.

This was my early experience with women who came to me to be coached!

I feel your pain and frustration, fellas.

So, I switched to working with men.

After jumping into the male-focused end of the pool, I discovered (as you’ve probably seen from some of the comments on my YouTube videos) some men get emotionally triggered by info they don’t like just like us ladies!

#notalwayslogical #sometimesemotional #wtfannaj

Everyone, men, women and those identifying within the rainbow, lack relationship savvy.

We’re not only not taught this stuff in school or along the way but, because of feminism and societal indoctrination, young people are taught political correctness, which is biologically incorrect info about the innate nature of (straight) men and women and masculinity and femininity.

Those who are trying to teach the new generations might mean well, but they’ve led many astray, and by and large men have got the shaft in the deal.

And, indirectly, women have, too. #nobabewantsabetaboy

I’m trying to get folks back on track so y’all can get real, be real and find love.

Time to Relearn a New Thing or Two

Wherever it comes from, I’m a problem solver.

After several failed practice relationships, I really did obsess with figuring out what I was doing wrong in my relationships.

Along the way, I learned what men do “wrong” and while I take full responsibility for my part in my past relationships, I realized we all need guidance to bridge the gap of male/female differences.

If you’re ready to learn where you’ve gone wrong misunderstood women in the past and where you’ve gone right but maybe wrong in choosing the right partner, you’ll benefit from my WakeUP2Luv program.

WakeUP2Luv provides the step-by-step to-do’s in the areas of your life where you’ll benefit most, which might not start in the love category!

The program requires effort and commitment, both at home and in the real world (modifiable for pandemics!) but it’s not too scary AND there’s a no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee if you don’t love it.

No risk, big reward.

If you do the work, it WILL change your life. At least, that’s what my WakeUP2Luv grads tell me! 😉

Do it!


Lots of love, Anna 🥰

My First Video – Published Feb 2016!

Yes, I was nervous. I felt the fear and I did it anyway and over the years my videos have improved.

But it only happened because I took the first step and then I didn’t give up.

You got this!


About the Author Anna Jorgensen

Vancouver dating coach for men who love women! ❤️ (Not PC and not a feminist.)

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John B says January 28, 2021

I love watching your videos. They are informative. Your no-nonsense approach seems to make sense. Plus, it does help that you’re easy on the eyes. 😉 I too have had a few failed relationships. It doesn’t help that I’m shy to begin with. But, with each failed relationship, I become more and more of an introvert. I’m certainly in no rush to find a partner. It sure does make life easier having no one to answer to. It allows me to do some soul searching, and work on myself. But, I have to admit that it does suck being lonely. My last relationship taught me to study social behaviors more. I learned what narcissism was and how to avoid such toxic behaviors. Also, I learned that beauty is more than skin deep. Believe me, I’ve met some pretty faces that turned out to be ugly inside. So, I’m not going to settle for just anyone, just because they smiled at me. I’m looking for a woman with depth, and is just as attractive inside as they are outside. Your videos are teaching me how to communicate with women properly, pay attention to their body language, and what to avoid. It allows me to opportunity to come out of my shell at my own pace. Thank you. I’m looking forward to learning more from watching them.

    Anna Jorgensen says February 1, 2021

    So glad my videos are helping you come out of your shell and understand women better! When you’ve got some extra time, watch some of the videos in my Build Confidence playlist (for shy guys) here and my Understand Women playlist here. God bless! xo AJ

Charlie says January 28, 2021


Robert Manning says January 31, 2021

I really enjoyed your “When to walk away” video. I donated a few bucks to compensate you for some of the hate some ladies will send your way.

    Anna Jorgensen says February 1, 2021

    Thank you so much!!! :)) xo AJ

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