20 Types of Toxic Low Value Women

Toxic Low Value Women to Avoid Dating or Marrying

These are the types of toxic low value women to avoid dating or marrying!

Casual flings may be ok, if that’s where you’re at, but be wary as these red flags can make her not worth the effort!

Types of Women to Avoid

  1. Bar stars #THOT
    • That hoe over there.
    • Bad habits (like bad boys)!
  2. IG models #FilterMuch
    • They never look like that in real life…
    • …but they’ll try to!
  3. Broke AF #NoDoughHoe
    • You’ll be her wallet.
    • She’ll run your wallet dry.
  4. Jealous #craycray
    • Will never trust you.
    • Even if you deserve her trust!
  5. Clingy Chloe #Needy
    • You’ll lose your autonomy.
    • If she matures, she’ll probably leave you.

If these haven’t scared you away, here’s a few more…

5 More

  1. Gossip Girl #ShitTalk
    • If she’s trash talking them she’ll trash talk you.
    • Now maybe, later definitely.
  2. Boy Toys #Tomgirl
    • Constantly surrounded by beta male orbiters.
    • Why she no have healthy female relationships??
  3. Master Minds #SmartyPants
    • She’s smarter than you.
    • At least, she’ll always think so.
  4. Feminists #ManH8r
    • Thinks men are the enemy.
    • Will never admit feminism has created the divide.
  5. Health issues #real or #Memorex
    • If real, she’ll be limited.
    • If fake, she’ll be unlimited work.

What’s that? You’re a sucker for punishment? Well, alright…

5 More!

  1. Baby Daddy No.3 #YouNext?
    • Makes poor choices by accident.
    • Made them on purpose. Oy.
  2. Daddy issues #trustissues #impossiblestandards
    • Can’t trust you. Or…
    • You’ll never measure up to pop.
  3. Mommy issues #norolemodel
    • Inherited a bad attitude toward fellas. Or…
    • She’s a package deal.
  4. Drama Queen #ActsLikeAPrincess
    • Needs chaos to feel stimulated.
    • Will create it with you if lacking elsewhere.
  5. Princess on a Pedestal #overdone #shallow
    • Relies on her looks to get what she wants.
    • Takes for fricken ever to get ready for an-y-thing!

Here’s the last lap! Exhausted yet?

5 More + a bonus 😉

  1. High maintenance #NeverGoodEnough
    • You can never please her.
    • Can. never. please. her!
  2. Social Media Addict #AttentionHoe
    • Her life is online.
    • Therefore, so is yours.
  3. Politically correct #snowflake
    • Overly sensitive to everyone’s plight…
    • Except yours.
  4. Insecure interrogator #SpyMuch
    • Bad past experiences lead to…
    • More bad experiences she’ll make you part of.
  5. High/Low #BPD

Bonus: Narcissists! #Nasty

So yes, definitely avoid these women if you want to maintain your mental, emotional and financial health!

There are more details in the video, so watch the quick run down with bonus tips!

When it comes to avoiding toxic low value women, filter filter filter, my friend.

xo AJ

Once (or Twice) Bitten?

If you’ve dated (or God forbid, married) any of the women in this list, I strongly suggest watching these videos…


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Steve Turcotte says February 16, 2021

Thanks again Anna, as a post grad of your course and my bad experiences explained, I’m now ready to start dating again after some time clearing my head. I had a woman here fixing my windows the other day. She ended up being attractive and single, and emotionally healthy. Of course I made a connection . Onward I go, thanks to you.

    Anna Jorgensen says February 16, 2021

    Wonderful! So happy for you, Steve! The course is always there for you if you need a refresher (and I’ve added a downloadable audio only mp3 of the course). 🥰 xo AJ

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