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Attract Beautiful Women! (The 5P Strategy)

Attract Beautiful Women Using “The 5P Strategy”

While beauty can be somewhat subjective, you know what you find attractive so we’ll use that as the marker for how to attract beautiful women.

Just like when you’re looking to buy something new and you’re influenced by—

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Packaging
  4. Promotion
  5. Proclivity

You, my friend, are the product.

Your price is what you are worth the the prospect, such as the beautiful woman you’re attracted to.

The packaging you come in influences your perceived value in her eyes.

Promotion is how you present yourself to her and the world.

And proclivity may be the most important aspect of how to attract beautiful women, but it’s also the one thing out of your control. More on this later.

All of these areas influence a beautiful woman’s potential attraction to you.

Let’s go through each of these areas so you know what I mean and how they can help you attract beautiful women.

Product (You)

You are the product and you provide certain features and benefits.

So if you are the product, then you have to have the features and benefits the woman you’re interested in wants.

What does she want?

Essentially, your features and benefits are your personality and character traits (non-physical attributes) combined with the meat suit God gave you (your physical being).

Rather than go through all the personality and character traits again here, I invite you to watch my short video series on What Makes a Real Man to Her (Features ALL Women Love).

You may be happy to learn that most women are less influenced by men’s physical face and body than men are of women’s faces and bodies.

Biologically, men are actually more influenced by a nice body with a “butter face” than women are. (Everything’s good “but her face.”)

Studies have shown men are more attracted to a nice body over a pretty face (though you’d prefer both), whereas women are more influenced by a man’s face than his body.

That’s not to say women aren’t influenced by a man’s physique, they’re just not as influenced by physique as men are! 😉

However, I’d b remiss to not acknowledge women are biologically more influenced by a man’s physicality when they’re younger and in their prime reproductive years.

But it’s still not the defining feature for women interested in more than a one night “relationship.”

Key point:

It’s important to ensure you’re not trying to entice the prospect with false and misleading advertising.

In other words, don’t pull a bait and switch by selling what you’re not.


If you’re totally into the outdoors and hate reading books and she’s into books, don’t try to impress her by recounting your imaginary book collection.

Or vice versa… if you’re a total introvert book worm, don’t try to give the impression you’re a party hound extrovert.

More on this shortly.

Price (Cost vs Value)

As with any product, the prospect is considers what the cost to value ration will be.

Supply and demand determine what will the market (dating market) bear for you?

Knowing how to attract beautiful women means knowing what your cost to value ratio is.

Don’t worry, it’s simply a general concept I made up.

Just like you evaluate a woman’s cost to value ratio, women unconsciously do the same thing.


You wonder if the nagging you put up (the cost) with is worth the great sex you get (the value).

She wonders if the flaws you come with—whether physical or personality-based—(the cost) is worth the benefits you provide, whether that be making her feel safe, loved, secure, needed etc. (the value).

From the very first time she sees you, a women’s unconscious evaluation process looks at things like…

  • Do you have a steady job?
  • Are you responsible?
  • Are you loyal?
  • Would you make a good father?

Some examples of what your benefits might look like in the real world to her are…

Are you —

  • Able to make and hold eye contact? (Confidence)
  • Advancing your career? (Drive)
  • Paying off debt or saving for the future? (Financial responsibility)
  • Saying “no” to her because of prior commitments (Reliable)
  • Taking your dog for a walk rain or shine (Responsible)
  • Going to the gym rain or shine (Healthy; dedicated)

Key point:

Women are constantly (consciously or unconsciously) scanning for proofs of good character and scoring you based on your potential for a long term relationship even if she thinks she isn’t interested in a long term relationship.

(Unless she an emotionally damaged trollop at da club.)

“Yeah, but Anna, how do I attract a beautiful woman when I haven’t even met her and she doesn’t know what an amazing guy I am?”

Great point, Sir!

That brings us to her first impression of you.

Packaging (aka Presentation)

Everyone, men and women, are instantly influenced by their first impression. You do it, too.

It’s how we’re wired to survive, procreate and essentially navigate the world.

To answer your question, the way she gauges what you’re about as a person not just a meat suit is, ironically, by the look of you.

Noooo, this doesn’t mean you need to look like Chad or Tyrone. But if you do, sure, it helps.

If you don’t look like Chad or Tyrone, there’s still hope!

Shockingly, if you look around at people in relationships, you’ll find you are not surrounded by Chads and Tyrones.

Happy average-looking men are in relationships. Many with beautiful women seemingly out of their league.

“But, Anna, they have money/power/status/a big…wallet.”

(Anna sighs deeply.)

Yes, men with good looks, money, power, status and a big… wallet will always be able to get the kind of beautiful women who are into just those things but—

Unless you have good character traits to go along with those seemingly shallow traits, you will get women who are only attracted to those traits, not you, the person.

And if you lose those traits, you lose her, too. And then you feel like a hoser-loser. Not good.

You’re better to work on what you can and if money/power/status are important to you then work on those, too.

So, what can you work on?

You can’t change how tall you are or how much hair you have, but you can get/be/stay fit.

Being fit isn’t shallow, it’s a sign of good health and the potential to live a long time, which makes her feel emotionally safe.

Reminder! She is looking for evidence of longevity.

You can make sure you present your physical self well in terms of bathing, grooming and wearing clean clothes.

And you can carry that meat suit in a way that exudes the personality traits beautiful women are attracted to!

Again, review my What Makes a Real Man Features ALL Women Love video series.


Stop slouching!

Instead… Stand up straight, put your shoulders back, make a wide stance—take up space!, make long purposeful strides, hold eye contact a little bit longer than is comfortable, and laugh naturally and unapologetically etc.

For more on this, watch my popular video 7 Physical Features All Women Love. (And yes, yes, I know, it’s DHT not testosterone that causes hair loss, but the point is remains the same.)

The way you present yourself physically in the world says a lot about your personality and that brings us to…


No product will find its right buyer without proper promotion and marketing.

A company could produce the best widget ever at an amazing price with stellar packaging but if it’s tucked away on a back shelf where no one knows about it, ain’t nobody gonna buy that wonderful widget.

You’ve got to get out there and see and meet women!

If you need a reminder of where to meet decent women, watch my video on—you got it—Where to Meet Decent Women!

Or, if you do have the big bucks and/or you live in place truly devoid of potential keepers and aren’t willing to shop out of town, try a matchmaking service.

I used to be one and there are way more women than men in every matchmakers database, trust me.

However, there are some less positive considerations if considering a matchmaker. Read my blog on that here.

And that brings us to the most important aspect of how to attract beautiful women.


What do I mean by proclivity in respect to how to attract beautiful women?

Well, proclivity means “an inclination or predisposition toward a particular thing.”

Essentially, it’s the mood she’s in.

Her experiences with men and in life in general influence her mood in the moment, day or in general.

I left this for last because you cannot control if a woman is in the market for you or anyone.

There are a number of reasons a woman might not be interested in the product (you).

If she

  • bats for the other team
  • is in a happy, committed relationship
  • is on the rag aka is riding the cotton pony
  • just went through a nasty breakup
  • had a death in the family
  • is dealing with an acute or chronic health issue

Then she might not be open to meeting anyone. Anyone!

Of course, it may be that she’s not attracted to you, but why wallow in that possibility when there are better options to choose from that won’t negatively impact your confidence?

So work on what you can—you!

Product, price, packaging and promotion.

Too much work?

Yep, that’s how life works. Effort = outcome. I’m sorry if no one told you this before.

Cost vs Value

You must decide if the cost—time, energy, rejection—is worth the value—an understanding cuddle bunny to ride the shit storms of life with and for whom you look forward to seeing at the end of a tough day. (Um, and sex.)

If you think it’s too much effort for the value, what’s the alternative?

Hint: Alone until you die.

Maybe that’s ok for you. Nothing wrong with that.

But if you’d rather at least try for the prize you’re hoping for then you might want to consider investing in my WakeUP2Luv program.

Warning: it is comprehensive but it also provides a step-by-step what-to-do-now what-to-do-next road map to getting the girlfriend of your dreams.

You don’t have to think about where to start or what to do because it provides the way.

Hint: Even if you decide not to get a girlfriend, it will also give you the road map for a happier single life.




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