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AMS They’re ALL Sluts! (Video Review)

They’re ALL Sluts. Really??

This video review of AMS’ They Are All Sluts is a viewer request from Jose D.

AMS argues all women sleep around.

And even if you’re in a relationship, you can’t trust your girlfriend.

She’s sleeping with some other guy, or multiple guys, behind your back.

AMS is definitely alpha, self-assured and accepting of what he believes women’s true nature is.

He’s hilarious and really is trying to help save you guys from getting your hearts trampled.

But if he’s right, can you no longer trust women today, are they no longer girlfriend material?

Or can you find a loyal woman who you can have a great relationship with?

Finally, can a hoe really be rehabilitated?

Stick with me to find out if…

ALL Women Are Sluts

Let’s get into this video by AMS, Alpha Male Strategies: They’re All Sluts…

AMS starts by saying that while he’s not MGTOW, he does agree with some of the principles and “men are taking women way too seriously.”


I agree!

He says, “If a woman flakes on you don’t take it seriously.”

And he goes on to say, “All women are sluts. All of them. Women are the freakiest—my momma’s a slut, you’re momma’s a slut…”

Sisters, too. Basically, no female is immune.


Well, I can’t agree because I know a hella lotta females who aren’t but maybe we’re running in different crowds.

I will agree sluttism is rampant in the younger generations.

The younger they are, if they’re sexually active, the more likely you’re not the only one she’s spreading them for.

AMS basically suggests that for sure she’s riding the CC (cock carousel) and you’re not the only one, so don’t take it personally.


I say never take anything personally because you’ll be a lot happier if you don’t, but I also think if she’s in an “exploratory phase” then nothing you can do or say will influence her to be loyal.

As I said in my Darius’ video, if she’s not ready to hang up her hoe shoes, she’s not a high value woman no matter how pretty, sexy, fun or available she is.

So continuing with what AMS says, he says that for example, if you text her at 6pm and she doesn’t text you back til midnight she’s probably not reading the Bible.

“She’s probably got her mouth full of …” [something and it ain’t cake].


Unless she’s working the night shift at a hospital, not on the streets, a woman would be better off not to reply until morning.

Replying late at night sends the wrong message. Like either she’s been up to something or she’s just too eager and insecure.

AMS goes on to suggest she’s got five or six guys on deck and “whatever your body count is, hers is probably double or triple that.”


So, this could very well be true with younger women because, again as I mentioned in my Darius video, young women are actually celebrating body counts.

But the older the woman currently is, us older broads, the less likely this is true.

The body count celebration trend is fairly recent.

Feminism… grrr!

It wasn’t that long ago, being a hoe was shamed not celebrated, so the older the gal is today, the fewer guys she’s likely been with and/or the fewer guys she’s “dated” at the same time or the longer it’s been since she was like that.

So yes, there is a lot more “sexual self-expression” in younger women, say under 20/25 than in women over 25/30.

That may be disappointing to many of the younger guys who actually want a decent girlfriend who has been a sloppy seconds.

And you may be wondering if these young hoes can ever be worth more than just hooking up with or if they’re damaged goods forever.

There is hope and I’ll share my thoughts in a minute but first let’s see what else AMS has to say.

Acceptance is Key!

AMS says to “just accept things for the way they are.”

He also says, “If you have a girlfriend she’s probably cheating on you. If you’re married, she’s probably cheating on you.”

He says, “If you’ve got a girlfriend right now and she’s not by your side she’s probably out [bleeping] someone else.”

And, “You ain’t the dog, big dog! She the dog…”

He’s also says he’s not bitter.


I believe him but I also think he’s had a lot of experience with low value women. (Some or all of which I’m sure were very good looking.)

Before I share my take on if a woman with a high body count or who’s been riding the CC for awhile can be rehabilitated to be able to pair bond, I want to say again AMS is definitely trying to help guys based on his own experiences.

But there’s a reason men who get laid easily end up only having experiences with sloppy seconds.

I know a few PUAs and they seem to have this situation in common where they get laid but they’re not finding high value women.

Of the PUAs I know who’ve found some keepers, they’re so used to playing the field they can’t commit to one gal, even if she is a unicorn.

Their brains are hyper wired for variety and monogamy feels uncomfortable no matter how amazing the girl might be.

So, even though there are some keepers, the competition for them is high.

So, can a hoe be rehabilitated to become girlfriend material?


Some can and here’s what that looks like… and you may not like it.

She might be a keeper if she’s hung up her hoe shoes long enough to be able to say, “no” to immediate sex in order to get to know you.

I’ll be talking more about this in an upcoming video so be sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss that.

If you’re just looking for fun and don’t want a LTR then go for the hoes, there’s plenty out there.

But if you want a LTR, then don’t discount a woman if she’s not putting out right away in order to get to know you.

High value women have reasonable standards, expectations and boundaries.

Hoe or no hoe, don’t invest more in her than she’s investing in you and watch for the signs she truly is a high value woman.

Watch: 25 Signs She’s a Keeper (see below)

But if you’re only into hook ups, you’re going to develop the attitude all women are sluts because that will become your reality if you get good at pickup.

Summary on AMS They’re All Sluts Video

So, my thoughts on AMS They’re All Sluts video is if you’re only looking for sex then overall I give his video a thumbs up.

But, if you’re looking for a relationship, Ima have to say it’s not so accurate, at least for women over 25.

Again, if you want me to review a channel’s video, let me know in the YouTube comments on my most recent video and remember to no links.

Thanks for being here, God bless!

xo AJ

AMS They’re ALL Sluts (video review)

AMS’s Original!

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they're all sluts

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  1. Anna, I suggest you read a marvelous book by Robert Johnson, called ” We.” You might say he is on the other side of the universe from AMS. Not an easy read, but well worth the effort. t

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