Will Smith Chris Rock Drama

Fiiiine, I’ll Talk About The Will Smith Chris Rock Drama

Was the Will Smith Chris Rock drama a set up to get views?

Don’t know, doesn’t matter for the purpose of this post.

I’m only addressing it because it’s relevant to relationships.

Okay, you’ve probably heard about the Will Smith Chris Rock drama when Will smacked Chris on live TV at the Oscars.

If you didn’t, you can watch the clip to help put my words into perspective.

For the record, I don’t have strong feelings about either of them, and can say I like them both. (Jada, not so much.)

Will Smith Chris Rock Drama Overview

Chris Rock made a joke referencing Jada and the film GI Jane because Jada is sporting a shaved head.

At first, Will laughs along with the audience, but Jada looks pissed off.

(Which kinda makes Jada look like a narcissist; she obviously expected Chris know of her condition,)

Cut to: Will getting up on stage and slapping Chris and then going back to his seat.

Chris says it was a mild joke and Will swears at him.

A stunned Chris carries on with the show.

That’s the short version. Watch the clip if you’re curious.


Here are my thoughts…

Turns out Jada has alopecia, a hair loss condition.

Reality land: it’s a bigger deal for a woman to lose her hair than for a man to.

Fellas, you know I’m on your side but this is true.

If you already love your woman, you can probably accept her hair loss.

But if you’re out looking for love, a bald woman isn’t top of your must have list.

In fact, it might be a turn off.


Most women don’t discount men who are losing their hair.

I know women who prefer bald (or shaved) heads. #truth

The fact is, 75% of men will have some noticeable form of hair loss, whereas only around 10% of women experience it.

I can’t think of a comparable situation in reverse.


I assume Chris didn’t know about Jada’s condition. If he did, the joke would’ve been in poor taste.

But so are a lot of the jokes at the Oscars. That’s why they’re funny (unlike Amy Schumer and her woke little trio).


Just a few days before Jada released a video saying how she loves her bald head.

Now, she may have been trying to convince herself as much as trying to be a role model, but still.

We gotta take you at face (and hair) value if you’re gonna put it out there, lady.

Was Will a Wuss?


Pussy whipped?

For sure.

Here’s why…

Not long ago Jada admitted to cheating on Will.

He didn’t leave her and they decided to work it out.

Okay, that’s fine, that’s their deal. They’ve got kids, maybe that’s a factor. Maybe love is. (Maybe toxicity is.)

So, they’ve publicly stated they now have an open marriage.

Again, if that’s where your values are, I’m not the judge of you. That’s God’s job.

But Will says he’s a Christian.

So, if that’s true, then open marriages aren’t on the menu.

Does he really want an open marriage or is he compromising his values for Jada?

I can’t say, but given his actions, he’s obviously struggling with how to be in his relationship with her.

Back to the Slap

At first Will laughed at Chris’ joke.

Sometimes, when we know a joke is coming we laugh before the joke has mentally registered.

But in this case, Will is either a little slow on the uptake or he actually did find the joke funny for a second.

A second before he saw Jada’s face, that is.

Now, if Will bought into Jada’s self-empowerment “I love my bald head” attitude, he may truly have thought there was nothing wrong with Chris’ joke.

Men are not mind readers!

But it was only after (we assume, because it’s off camera) Will saw Jada’s reaction did he jump up to be her hero by bitch slapping Chris.

I guarantee Jada was pissed at Will for laughing even for a second.

That’s how women be. Not saying it’s a wonderful trait, definitely not!

But as one of my favourite podcasters often says, explaining is not condoning.

Anyway, Will overdoes it by slapping Chris to try to make up for that initial laugh.

Then Will got an Oscar and cried like a girl.

(Which is allowed–the Oscar and the crying–but kinda shows you he’s struggling with something.)

What Will Should’ve Done…

As soon as he saw his wife was upset, he should’ve stopped laughing and reached over to her with some gesture of affection in show of support.

It would’ve even been ok if he displayed an expression of contriteness for chuckling at the Chris’ joke.

He could’ve then given Chris a look to indicate, “Not cool, bro.”

Then there would’ve been understanding on Chris’ part, I’m sure, even if he didn’t really get it.

And, if Chris had still said his joke was tame, then Will could’ve shaken his head “no” and talked to Chris after the show…

Or, if Will really needed to put on a show—for Jada or the Academy—he could’ve gone up there and whispered to Chris, “She’s got alopecia, man.”

Chris isn’t an asshole.

He would’ve likely said, “Oh sorry, man, I didn’t know….” and, “Jada you’ll always be a beautiful woman” to her.

Imagine how different the situation would’ve looked for Will instead of what happened.

Some may think my suggested scenario is beta.

Not at all.

Just the Tip

Just like you’d want your woman to be loyal to you, she rightfully expects the same but…

It’s how you handle situations like this that determine if you’ll be respected by her …and by your peers.

If you look at the overwhelming majority of comments of the Will Smith Chris Rock drama, most are supportive of Chris who did not slap back.

He handled himself with grace and professionalism. Way sexier than a man who can’t control himself or overacts after getting caught not being loyal (laughing).

The Problem for Will

Will is married to Jada.

Jada is a feminist and, from what we know, a narcissist.

Which means Will may very likely be an abused man, at least emotionally, even if he’s not aware of it.

The best thing Will can do for himself and his family is to get professional therapy.

If you feel you can relate, you might consider online therapy. It’s affordable, accessible anywhere and private.

((Big hug))

Pray for all the good men out there struggling in their relationships.

About the Author Anna Jorgensen

Vancouver dating coach for men who love women! ❤️ (Not PC and not a feminist.)

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Eric says April 2, 2022

More than I care to know about millionaire ppl and their. entanglements. Would will have slapped the Rock? Chris is half his size. I doubt it, the Rock would fold him in half and Frisbee throw him back to jada’s feet.

    Anna Jorgensen says April 2, 2022

    I agree on all counts!

Chris Sanders says April 2, 2022

I’m glad you made it simple to understand. I always look forward to your womanly perspective on relationship matters. I agree that Will should have gestured to Jada in order to comfort her. I feel that many simps or regular men don’t know that. Men are now caught up in this culture of displaying insecurities by lashing out and acting like candy-asses. Even the older school guys like Will are conforming to this new custom. It seems like more and more men are acting like women and more women are acting like men. I sure miss the old days.

    Anna Jorgensen says April 2, 2022

    Thank you for reading and yes, I agree, what a mine field for men out there these days!

Phil Allsopp says April 5, 2022

The whole sequence of events struck me as being out of character for Will Smith, for me it didn’t make sense but partly because I know little if anything about the other key players.
Having just read your insightful explanation of your considerations of circumstances it makes complete sense. There’s a narcissist at work. Considering the type of work they all do then it’s not really surprising.
Thank you Anna Jorgensen for another interesting piece.

    Anna Jorgensen says April 7, 2022

    I appreciate you reading my thoughts on the situation! I vacillate between sorry for Will and thinking, “Dude, do something!” lol :))

Wilfredo Morales says April 10, 2022

Hi Anna
I often watch your videos, these are very useful and funny, now about the Smith-Rock Smackdown lol, the last what I heard is that Will Smith is gonna attend to a clinic in search for help, but for what,, his anger management problems, lol, or to work out his miserable life inside that marriage that he´s living in . That´d be good to know .
Ok Anna congrats on your work, and keep up that way
take care and bye

    Anna Jorgensen says April 11, 2022

    Thank you so much for watching my videos! I’m glad Will is going to get help. Whatever his initial goal is for getting help hopefully it will help him fix his relationship or leave it. 🙂

Scott Montgomery says April 11, 2022

Anna, I’m white and with interest I read that some black guy buddies are all on the same page regarding Will Smith. They say he’s weak, tolerating his ‘open’ marriage and his fear reaction to wife’s displeasure.
He could use a reset on his own masculinity. I needed it and you helped. .
Thanks for all you do. I help facilitate a divorce recovery group and your perspective is excellent. .

    Anna Jorgensen says April 11, 2022

    Thank you for sharing that and for your vote of confidence! I’m glad my videos have helped you and I’m so glad you’re helping others who’ve been through or are going through the pain of divorce! I will probably do a video on the subtle signs a man is being emotionally abused. 🙂

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