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5 Surprising Reasons Why You’re NOT Successful In Meeting Women

5 Surprising Reasons Why You’re NOT Successful In Meeting Women!

In fact, frustration itself is part of one of the reasons why you’re not successful in meeting women!

If you’re frustrated with your lack of love life, it might be because of these 5 reasons.

We’ll go from most the obvious to most surprising reasons why you’re not successful in meeting women and what you can do about it and where you can meet women.

Why You Can’t Meet Women

5. You’re an Introvert, Lone Wolf and/or Sigma

You either don’t go out or when you do you tend to avoid people, all people, including women.

I can relate, I’m an introvert!

But when you stay home all the time, the only place to meet women is online and even then you don’t want to make the effort.

If you can relate to this one then you’ll probably be able to relate to the next one.

4. You don’t have enough extroverted friends…

…that you hang out with outside your home.

One of the best ways of meeting friendly and welcoming women is through friends of friends.

But you’ve got to have friends.

And as much as we introverts love our like-minded peeps, they’re not the ones out in the world.

So, as much as it may pain you, say yes to those invites to extroverted events.

You don’t have to stay long and just by going you’ve done something out of your comfort zone.

When you meet women through friends, there’s way less pressure and they’re more likely to be kind.

Or at least not mean, because you’ve already arrived with the social proof and of having friends.

If you don’t have a social life at all, that’s something you need to work on.

Social skills, like any skills, require time, effort, practice, failure, analysis and repetition.

More on how to develop the confidence to do that in a minute.

But let’s say you are an extrovert or you’re an introvert getting out in the world but you’re still not successful in meeting women.

It could be because of #3…

3. You’re not initiating interaction

Now, even if you have no friends to hang out with, you can still meet women if you initiate.

This doesn’t mean the first girl you talk to will be your forever love, probably not.

But the more women you talk to the better chance you will find someone special.

Because right now women are only getting approached by confident guys and many of them are pick up artists only interested in sex.

If you’re the one confident guy who’s not just into sex, and she’s not just into sex, then you’re going to stand out from all the sleaze balls.

Don’t make it about finding love.

Make it about being curious about women, about people.

Because if it’s only about finding love—or sex—she’ll feel that and it will turn her off.

And that will lead to the next surprising reason why you’re not successful in meeting women.

2. You have a negative confirmation bias…

…about women or yourself!

Because you’ve been unsuccessful in meeting women in the past, you’d rather disappoint yourself before trying than face potential embarrassment by trying.

In other words, you may have a bad attitude about meeting women because that’s safer than to hope and be disappointed.

And the few times you do try, because you expect it to go poorly, you act awkward or anxious and she feels that.

And your negative confirmation bias continues to be a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Which brings us to #1 and then where you can start to build confidence and meet women.

1.You have a paralyzing fear of rejection.

You get nervous and assume that because you’re just a simply shy guy you’re going to fail.

And maybe you’ve bought into the idea that women only want the rich, good looking Chads of the world.

If you look around, you’ll see lots of couples and very few of them are Chads or Tyrones.

The good news and the less good news is it’s about you.

That’s good because, even if you’re not good at something, you can learn to get better at it.

The less good news is if you want something different you are going to have to get out of your comfort zone to get it.

It takes practice, analysis, repetition and a shit tonne of courage.

If you need some help with courage, get my free INSTANT CONFIDENCE CHEAT SHEET.

And I you’re ready to be brave and want to know where to meet women that’s not a bar or club, check of my video on the Best 15 Places to Meet Women where I tell you about Nick, an elderly gentleman who approached me at one of these places to ask for sex.

If Old Nick can pick up chicks, so can you!

Um, no he didn’t pick me up. 😉


why you're not successful in meeting women

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  1. This is really helpful and kind of you. The easiest person to fool is always yourself so an independent reality check is both welcome and encouraging! Keep up your good work!

  2. One time comment and no reply expected. As a SIGMA Introvert i gave up on women in my life 40+ years ago as a result of emotional trama. I have not even kissed a woman in those 4 plus decades as the pain went deep. Women were “friend zoned” only. Your message as of May 5th. describes me all too well. I only wish that I had resources such as you offer decades ago. Given my male family genetics pattern; i may have 12 years + or – to allow a woman into my life before passing on. I am attempting to do so while realizing that I can’t make up for decades of lost time. Of the various help sites available I find yours to be the most relevant to my current situation and needs given my late start in life on seeking female companionship..
    i will continue to watch your videos and read your messages. Thank you for your efforts.

    1. Thank you so much for such a heartfelt comment! Don’t lose hope, John, I recently received a thank you from a man 70yrs young who is getting married to a special lady. There’s time! 🙂

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