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A Woman Will Do These 19 Things When She TRULY Loves You!

A Woman Will Do These 19 Things When She Truly Loves You!

If you’ve ever been heartbroken by a woman, you know the words “I love you” aren’t always true, but a woman will do these 19 things when she truly loves you.

Let’s say you’ve been dating and you’re sure of your feelings for her but you’re not 100% sure of hers.

Or she has said, “I love you” but her actions aren’t lining up with that declaration.

Sometimes, she’s so sweet and other times you’re like, Who is this cold fish torturing my soul?

Of course, none of us is perfect but…

Some of these things a woman will do if she truly loves you may surprise you.

The truth is men and women fall in love and express love differently so no wonder you’re confused.

Let’s explore these 19 things a woman will do when she truly loves you, why you can’t rely on the words, “I love you!”

And how to make sure you find and keep a real keeper!

A Woman Will Do These 19 Things When She Truly Loves You

Very few women display all of these qualities but the more of these traits she has, the more likely she truly likes you if you’re not dating and loves you if you are.


1. Lights up when she sees you

If your girl goes from resting bitchy face to fluttering falsies and twinkling eyes, that’s a good sign.

Hint: Did you know our pupils dilate (expand) when we look at someone with love in our heart? True story.

So if she gets all doe-eyed when she looks at you it could be she truly loves you.

2. Smiles or laughs more / more easily with you

If she giggles a lot or laughs at your corny jokes when no one else does, she got it bad for you, dude.


If she says, “Tell the one about the skunk who goes into a bar…” because she’s heard you tell that joke a 1000 times and knows it makes you happy, that’s love.

3. Wants to know everything about you

When she asks you a bazillion questions about your life, experiences and feelings she’s trying to get emotionally closer to you, as long as she doesn’t use that info against you.

When she truly loves you, she wants to be the one who’s knows the most about you because…

4. Wants to try to make you happy

She wants to know all about you so she can avoid the things that hurt you and focus on things that make you happy.


If she knows you’re insecure about your skinny calves, she doesn’t tease you about them. Instead, if you bring it up she says, “I love your body, God made you perfect for me!”

5. Sacrifices for you

If a woman compromises for you, that’s a sign she respects the relationship.

But if she sacrifices for you, that’s something she’ll do if she truly loves you… unless she’s emotionally damaged.


If you’ve got date night plans and your best bud from high school or Uni shows up unexpectedly in town, she’s the one who says, “Hey babe, I’ve got you every day. Dave’s only in town once in a blue moon… go have a catch up.”

Das love.

6. Makes an effort with people you care about

You’re important to her so the people who are important to you are important to her.


Even though she’s not keen your your family or friends, as long as they’re not truly a bad influence on you, she makes the effort with them wherever it’s meaningful to you

7. She’s your best friend

Whether you’re having a stellar day or a crap day she wants to you to share all the little things in life with her.

You feel comfortable and at ease with her even when you’re not really doing anything.

8. Encourages & supports your goals

When you have moments of uncertainty, she’s your biggest cheerleader and team MATE.

She knows how important your dreams and ambitions are and helps you remember your strengths on the days you’ve forgotten or feel disappointed by lack of progress.

9. Accepts the real you, including your flaws

She knows you’re not perfect but she doesn’t focus on your flaws and doesn’t let you focus on your flaws when you’re being too tough on yourself.


Maybe you think you’re not smart enough to tackle that upgrade course, but she’s like, “Babe, I know you can do this. You’re smarter than you give yourself credit for. All you can do is try.”

10. Defends your honour

If someone talks trash about you, she’s the first to stick up for you.

Even if it’s her family or friends critiquing you!

And better still when you’re not around.

Now you may not know this, but at some point you may find out she’s defended you behind your back.

That’s true love.

11. Makes you and your feelings a priority

This isn’t to say she always puts your needs above her own but she does want you to know your feelings are important to her and…

Your feelings are certainly a priority over anyone outside your relationship.


Her friends aren’t sure about you? Her attitude is, “Too bad, Sheila, he’s my man.”

12. Is nurturing but not mothering or smothering

When you’re sick, she makes you homemade soup (nurturing).

She doesn’t give you crap for working outside in the rain improperly dressed (mothering).

Or treat you like a sick child every day (smothering).

13. Appreciates your efforts and doesn’t take you for granted

When you pay for a meal, whether it’s the first or 50th, she makes sure you know how much she appreciates your chivalry.


She always says thank you when you hold the door for her.

Bonus if she verbalizes her appreciation when you’re not doing the thing… like later that evening she says, “Babe, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate when you hold doors open for me. I know it’s old-fashioned but it makes me feel feminine and cherished.”

14. Surprise! Calls you out on bad behaviour (for you)

She doesn’t just let anything slide, that’s apathy not love.


When you’ve been discouraged by life and have been hanging out in your sweaty sweats without going to the gym but deep down you know that’s not what’s best for you…

She says, “Babe, you know you’ll feel better when you get back to the gym.” Or “Let’s go for a hike this weekend. I need the exercise and I’d love your company.”

Bonus if she says, “So you can save me from wild animals.” #YouCanBeMyHeroBaby

15. Subtly shares suggestions that are for your best interest

When you’re struggling with a decision or direction, she tries to find out what matters to you, not how it’ll affect her.


Let’s say you’ve been offered a great job in an area that requires a long commute and she works from home.

Even though she loves where she lives (whether or not you live together), she says, “I can make anywhere home as long as I’m with you.”


16. She’s vulnerable with you

She shares with you her inadequacies, insecurities and fears because she…

…knows you’ll treat those vulnerabilities with gentleness and understanding.


If she’s insecure about putting on a few pounds or aging or losing her looks or that cute girl at the gym—common insecurities amongst women—she expresses her fears with you without anger or contempt…


17. Trusts you with her secrets

She tells you about the flaws she thinks she has, whether physically or personality or things she’s done she’s not proud of or attitudes she has that aren’t attractive.

18. She’s afraid of losing you

Not because she’s insecure but because she can’t imagine life without you!


If you work a dangerous job, she makes sure you get enough sleep when you need it.

And perhaps the biggest sign she truly loves you is…

19. She sticks with you through rough times

This doesn’t mean she becomes apathetic if there’s something you can be doing to improve the situation.

But she tries to encourage you instead of ridiculing, criticizing or condemning you.

When “I Love You” Is and Isn’t a Good Sign

If you’ve said, “I love you” to her first, she may have felt awkward not saying it back.

She may have said it to ease the tension of the moment, thinking and hoping she’ll really mean it one day.

If she only says she loves you after you say it first, it might not be true unless…
… she also displays several of the signs I’ve just given you.


Sometimes, an emotionally damaged woman will say, “I love you” if she thinks it will help her get what she wants—attention, favours, forgiveness—not because she really means it.

If you’ve ever had your heart stomped on and broken…

Without the least consideration…

You know what I’m talking about.

There truly are good women out there.

You just need to know how to find, attract and keep them without compromising yourself.

If you haven’t had luck in the past, you’ll want to get my WakeUP2Luv program.

It’s not easy, there’s a lot of homework, but it is worth it. (Reviews here.)

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!


when she truly loves you

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