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Why The BEST Women Will Ruthlessly TEST YOU! | by Hamza

Why The BEST Women Will Ruthlessly TEST YOU! | Hamza Video Review

Let’s look at Hamza’s video The Best Women Will Ruthlessly Test You.

Then I’ll give you my overall opinion on Hamza’s channel and how to handle women’s tests.

Let’s go!

Hamza is great at capturing audience attention with eye catching thumbnails, descriptive graphics and story-telling style.

Two thumbs up for presentation!

Now, let’s look at the actual content…

Good Women Will Test You

Hamza’s video starts right in the story with, “Jeffrey’s met a woman… finally! He’s been so horny…”

I’m sure some of you can relate.

Of course, right away the girl asks Jeffrey what he does for work. #typical

Hamza says, “Don’t fall for it, Jeffrey, don’t make the mistake so many young…”

Too late!

Okay, so far, we’re totally engaged, right??

Hamza goes on to describe the scene.

Jeffrey answered the way he thought she wanted. He makes bank.

But he felt awkward and stuttered and basically tried to appease and please her.

Why This Doesn’t Work

Hamza says it’s natural for women to want to test men and that’s actually good for you.

I agree!

Testing weeds out the weak and unconfident so if you can overcome those unattractive traits, you’ll have a better chance of getting her. Or whoever you want.

The video then cuts to stadium full of people watching a running race.

Hamza goes on to say that Adonis, the winner of the race, wins the girl, too.

He appreciates the tests because they make him grow—as a man, not in the nether regions.

I agree!

You’re thinking, Whuuuut? How, Anna, howwwww?

Okay, well stick with me, let’s see what Hamza says.

He goes on to say that the more you improve yourself—attractiveness, success, confident—“the better quality of woman you can have.”

I know what some of you are thinking, “But Anna, what if I’m not an Adonis? I’m ugly, broke and shy. I give up!”

Before you click away, we’re just getting to that! Take a deep breath and stick with me and Hamza.

Hamza goes on to say that as you improve yourself more women become interested in you.

Of course!

But you might not realize they’re still testing you even if you it doesn’t seem obvious to you.

He says women “test [you] to make sure [you’re] that guy she has the perception of.”

I agree! Wonderfully worded!

She may think you’re too good to be true or they may have had bad experiences in the past and doesn’t trust her own initial judgment.

I’ve said in other videos, if she’s testing you there’s a chance she’s interested.

If not, you probably already in the friend zone.

Or, if you’re in a committed relationship, your balls are in her purse!

Women will ruthlessly test you if you start to show weakness in the relationship.

She’s testing you to give you an opportunity to show you have a back bone.

Let’s see what else Hazma has to say about why the best women will ruthlessly test you.

He uses a great example of what testing might look like in real life.

I won’t tell you exactly because I want you to watch his video, but I’ll give you a different, simple example…


You’re studying for finals but she wants to hang out.

This may not seem like a test and it may not even be a conscious test but how you handle it determines if you pass or fail.

If you ditch your studies to hang with her—fail.

Or she wants you to buy her or chip in on an expensive purse when you’ve got bills to pay.

If you ditch your bills to make her happy—fail.

Essentially, you’re willing to compromise what’s best for you to appease her every want and need.

That may make her feel content in the moment but that doesn’t make a woman feel emotionally safe.

She needs to be able to count you to do what needs doing when it needs doing whether she likes it or not.

Irresponsibility and putting her on a pedestal is not sexy!

Okay, back to Hamza…

He says she’s subconsciously thinking, “Hmm, I’m glad he’s [doing this thing for/with me] but he’s just proven a lack of discipline.”

Exactly! I agree!

Stick with me, I’ve got more tips on how to handle shit tests and how to ethically test her to get back in the driver’s seat.

Hamza says, “It’s very important to maintain that image of yourself… I’m a that disciplined guy who doesn’t really need it—even if you might enjoy it.”


So, this might look like saying, “Hey babe, I’ve got to cram today, but let’s make plans for after the test. I want to see you.”

Or, “I’d love to buy you that purse but it isn’t in my budget. How about I go with you to have a look and if you can afford it, maybe they’ll take a payment plan.”

Just the Tip:

If she can’t afford it and buys it anyway, red flag.

Also, this is a great way to test her to see how she responds/reacts!

Hamza gives a great reply for the example he’s given as well.

Okay, here’s where I veer off a little in his video…

Women’s Nature

Hamza goes on to say that over billions of years our instincts are still basically the same.

As a Christian, I say over generations, our instincts are basically the same. #semantics

I agree in that no matter how much feminism and the women’s lib movement have influenced women’s social nature, biologically we’re still wired to need to feel safe and secure.

Hamza says, “She need to know that you can’t be moved off centre.”

I agree!

He goes on to explain why this happens as you improve yourself.

Essentially, that as your value improves, the women you’re attracted to tend to be higher value and they have higher standards.

Again, I agree. Though, women will ruthlessly test you even if they don’t have much to offer.

He closed by saying, “Do the hard work when you feel like it.”

100%! I agree!

In Summary

Women are going to test you whether they or you realize it or not.

Despite the 1 billion years BC bit, this video is spot on and brilliantly illustrated.

If you want some more real life examples of common shit tests, how to handle all her tests and how to test her, don’t be a Jeffrey, watch this video now!


women will ruthlessly test you

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