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When A Woman Is Using You She Will Tell You These 5 Sweet Lies!

When A Woman Is Using You She Will Tell You These 5 Sweet Lies!

There’s no question when a woman is using you she will say these 5 sweet lies and you’ll be so busy lapping it up you won’t realize she’s totally manipulating you!

Has she told you she feels safe with you?

Or totally at ease with you?

That she’s never imagined doing any of these naughty things with anyone else?

She might be using you!

But, how do you tell if a woman is using you or is actually sincere?

Let’s explore these and other sweet lies she says when she’s using you and the four letter word that makes you putty in her hands!

And nope it’s not “love!”

Male vs Female Brains

Whether by nature or nurture, did you know the male brain reacts more to positive stimuli than the female brain?


The female brain is more sensitive to negative stimuli—likely because our primary need is to feel safe and, physically, females are the weaker sex.

In other words, men are more affected by positive experiences and women are more affected by negative experiences.

At least on a neurologically level.

This is important for fib detection.

And, this is why, when a woman tells you lies, sweet little lies, you’re biologically wired to pay more attention to the good feelings they give you.

And to ignore the red flags.



Lies She Tells You

Let’s look at some of the most common lies she tells you.

1.“I love our conversations.”

But those conversations are only via text (or phone call if you’re older).

She’s great at texting but makes excuses when you try to meet up in person.

When a woman gives you plenty of attention via text you assume she must be interested, right?

But if she’s always texting but never making an effort to get together, she might be using you for attention.

And you mistake her willingness to engage with you via text as interest…

Meanwhile, you might just be a place holder for Chad.

Remember, men react more to positive stimulation and attention is positive stimulation.

Especially if #2 is involved.

2. “You’re so [insert compliment here].”

You’re so smart, handsome, generous, accomplished etc.

When a woman is using you, she may pump up your ego only to throw in an ask.

And watch for sneaky, subtle asks like when right after you’re feeling great about the compliment she mentions—

  • A purse she really wants but can’t afford
  • Or a fence that needs fixing etc

If there’s always an ask attached, then her compliments may not be as true for her as what they’ll get her.

If she truly cares for you, she’ll pump up your ego to see you smile or as a thank you for something nice you’ve done for her.

Not because she has a hidden agenda.

Pay special attention if she focuses on things she knows are your hot buttons.

Which brings us to #3

3. “You’re an amazing lover.”

This is every man’s hot button.

What man doesn’t want to feel like he’s her King in the bedroom?

If she says you’re the best lover she’s ever had or the only man who’s ever made her… pray to God three times in a row…

Wink wink nudge nudge 😉

…that might be true or it might be one of her sweet little lies.

Again, pay attention to whether or not she asks for something or is making up for doing something wrong.

Speaking of love…

4. “I love you.”

If a woman truly loves you there are signs! More on that in a minute.

But there are a couple times when a woman will say, “I love you” when it’s not true.

As I mentioned in another video, if you say, “I love you” to her first, she may feel awkward and say it before she’s ready to.

That’s not ideal, but in that situation she’s not using you, she’s trying to spare your feelings hoping hers will catch up.

But if she’s using you and says, “I love you” it’s because she has a selfish motive.

Again, either she wants to be forgiven for something she’s done or is about to do or she wants something from you.

Even more sneaky than, “I love you” is this little four letter doozy…

5. “You’re my hero.”

What man doesn’t want to hear these words?

But again, if she says these words before asking for something, she could be using you.

Even if the ask is a few hours or days later.

How can you tell if she’s using you or sincere? I’ll tell you after this bonus not so sweet phrase…

Bonus: “You don’t care about/love me.”

Meanwhile, you do care about or even love her…

…or it’s too soon to be making that kind of declaration!

If she doesn’t get her way, she throws out the old “you don’t love me.”

Now, if it’s too soon in the relationship to make that kind of declaration, then it’s not a lie but it’s might be a manipulation tactic.

However, if you do care about her and have proven this through your actions and she’s still accusing you then she might be using you.

This fib comes out when you say “no,” set boundaries, or question her bad behaviour.

Like if you always pay for restaurants and she never offers to reciprocate or contributes in other meaningful ways.

Hint: Putting out isn’t a meaningful exchange to women because women like sex, too…

…unless she’s not really digging your love making and lying about it. Refer back to #3!


But let’s say you call her out on not picking up the tab or you make her buy her own overpriced designer purse.

She goes on a long diatribe of how she’s struggling financially and working and trying so hard to catch up on bill and says, “You don’t care about me.”

Um, lady, if you’re working at Wendy’s you can’t afford a fancy purse, don’t be wanting your man to be picking up the tab on a fancy purse.

And make the man a meal once in awhile if you can’t chip in at Olive Garden!

Fellas, even if her financial situation is dire, if she’s expecting you to pay (literally) for her choices—red flag.

It’s not that you don’t love or care about her, it’s that you love and care about you.

You must be your first priority.

If you tend to fall for losers or users, get my wakeup2luv program.

Here’s a link to some reviews from others who’ve done the program.

And if you’ve heard all these things but aren’t sure if she is using you, watch my videos on She’s a Keeper IF and Signs She Truly Loves You.

You are the prize!


when a woman is using you

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