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6 Biggest First Date Mistakes | True Life Story!

6 Biggest First Date Mistakes Why She Didn’t Want A Second Date | True Life Story

Handsome, well-earning and settled, Dennis made the biggest first date mistakes that kept costing him time, money and effort.

Despite having all these great qualities, Dennis failed to make a good impact on first dates with high-value women.

The only ones who wanted a second date were users, losers, and gold diggers.

Now the question is… why did this keep happening?

To find the answer, let’s take a look at the 6 biggest first date mistakes Dennis made with Emma, the surprising things he learned, and what happened on his next first date with Julia.

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Dennis’ Biggest First Date Mistakes

1. He tried to influence her with his money!

This is the first and most common first date mistakes a lot of men make.

They assume all women are only interested in how much money they make or have.

And yes, what you make or have is an influence but not because she’s a gold digger—unless she is, of course—but the reason is more because she wants to make sure you’re financially responsible.

Women need to feel … what’s the word? Safe!

Emotionally, physically, financially, etc.

So, it’s no wonder so many men try to influence with money.

Let’s look at…

The Dennis Situation

Dennis has an excellent job with a 6-figure salary.

He invited Emma to a fancy dinner for the date.

The date was fun at the beginning, but then Dennis later realized he axed his future relationship possibility with Emma in under 5 minutes.

Within a few minutes of the conversation, Dennis started talking about his total net worth, what model of car he drove, and his high-priced lifestyle.

He thought he was providing proof of finances but the more he tried to impress her with his money, the more Emma thought he was trying to buy her.

Stick with me because I’m going to share another date experience Dennis had where he got this part right.

But first, let’s look at the second biggest first date mistake Dennis made.

2. He constantly talked about his ex.

Our friend Dennis also made the second mistake: he mentioned his ex too much.

Looking back, he realized Emma tried to change the subject, but Captain Dennis was too busy trying to earn sympathy by telling her about how nasty his ex was.

He also thought if he told Emma how nasty his ex was, Emma wouldn’t worry he still had feelings for the ex.

But, no one really likes talking about pork slaughter when they’re eating bacon, and that’s likely how it felt for Emma to hear about his past relationship drama.

But let’s have some sympathy for Dennis. We know he was trying to do the right thing.

The next of the big first date mistakes might surprise you!

3. He overdressed.

Again, he was trying to impress her.

To be fair, he did set the date at the fanciest place in town but you’ll see why that’s not the best idea.

Generally, you want to dress like you for a given environment, taking a little more care than you usually do.

Dennis was too worried about looking successful so he wore a suit and tie.

You’re probably thinking, “Well, he did take her to the fanciest restaurant.”

True. And that was mistake #4

4. Overspending on a first date.

Wait? What?

When you overinvest on a first date, there’s nowhere to go from there.

Save the fanciest places for when she’s already your girlfriend and it’s a special occasion.

Otherwise, she’ll either feel like it’s too much or you’re trying to buy her.

Or it simply won’t be all that comfortable an experience…

Unless she’s a gold digger, but if you vetted her, you’ll know she’s not.

In Dennis’s case, Emma seemed confused and awkward.

She probably felt like he was showing up for a job interview.

And her assumption was probably confirmed by his next biggest mistake.

5. Dennis made the date feel like a job interview.

There’s nothing less interesting than a boring conversation on the first date.

And the dullest conversation is the kind where you recite a list of personal qualities.

Dennis realized he’d been making this mistake on every date.

He repeatedly asked boring questions like:

I have two siblings, and you?

My parents don’t live in this town and yours?

The next question might as well have been, I use Sensodyne, and you?

I’m sure after facing these kinds of questions, Emma was losing interest in Dennis quickly.

But she could probably see he was kinda nervous in his three-piece suit so she gave him the benefit of the doubt.

But by the end of the date when he made maybe the biggest first date mistake of all, well, he could tell Emma’s interest had totally waned.

What’s this common first date mistake? Can you guess?

6. He didn’t touch Emma at all.

A lot of girls say most of the guys they went on a first date with didn’t touch them – not even a hug hello.

And even though, offering a hug to someone you hardly know may be risky, if she agreed to the date, there’s some attraction there.

No touchy-touch automatically puts guys in the friend zone.

Dennis was so busy talking about his career and things he thought would impress her, that he forgot to even touch her hand.

By the end of the date, he could tell there were no sparks for Emma. She was bored.

And because he could tell she’d lost her sparkle toward him, Dennis didn’t make a move.

Which by this point, would’ve been a 50/50 shot.

If he’d touched her appropriately, early and often, as I’ve recommended in other videos, he still might have had a chance with Emma.

Dennis’ Turning Point

The good news is after that date he asked himself why this kept happening.

Why was no woman interested in going on a second date with him?

He decided to take a break from dating and do some learning.

Then he found my YouTube channel and watched “a lot” of my videos.

He said they helped him see the first date mistakes he was making.

And now he is dating successfully.

So what changes did Dennis make on his next first date that gave him success?

Mostly the opposite of what he did wrong on his date with Emma, but he threw in a few extras that made women ask him for second dates!

If you want to know exactly what he did differently, I’ll be posting a video on the bold move Dennis made with Julia that lead to a kiss and a second date!

In the meantime, watch How To Flirt With Her!

Thanks for being here, God bless!


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  1. The only thing I didn't do was touch. Not sure of those parameters in a woman over 50. Too many of them were closed and not 9to me) available for touch. Now tha i know how important touch i I can modify my behavior.Thanks

    1. If you touch early and appropriately, she’ll actually feel a bit more comfortable with you and less guarded so there’s a chance for her interest to blossom. Not every time, of course, but often enough it’s worth the mild risk. Keywords: early and appropriately. See this video for more details. And if there’s not enough interest, better to know sooner than later! 🙂

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