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Make Her Really Want You Like Crazy After a SUCCESSFUL FIRST DATE!

7 Ways to Make Her Really Want You Like Crazy!

To best showcase these ways to make her really want you like crazy after a first date, let’s look back at Dennis.

Remember Dennis?

He was the “successful” guy who blew it with Emma on their first date and couldn’t figure out why.

Well, after talking about a dating hiatus and watching a lot of my videos (and I suspect those of some pickup artists), Dennis said his next date with Julia was 100% successful.

Let’s look at what Dennis did differently, how a bold and kinda cringy move ensured the kiss at the end of the date and how to follow up after a successful first date.

Ways To Make Her Really Want You

Click the image to watch the video!

Let’s jump right in…

1. Dennis didn’t mention his money.

Unlike his date with Emma, this time, Dennis talked about the passion he has for his work which “contributed to his success.”

Avoiding talking directly about money on a first date is a great thing to do.

Because otherwise, it’ll either make her want to see you again for the wrong reason.

Or make you crash and burn because you’ll make her feel like you’re trying to buy her affection.

Key Point!

High-value women don’t want to feel like they’re being bought.

And the way Dennis worded the success part offhand, without overt bragging, reveals more positive traits about Dennis.

He’s humble but also committed, passionate, smart, and successful—which translates for women as financial responsibility.

High five, Dennis! Way to slip it in. 😉

2. Dennis didn’t talk too much about his ex.

He didn’t completely put aside his ex.

When Julia asked about his ex, he just said, “Things didn’t work out; I don’t blame her. We didn’t realize we weren’t that compatible.”

Julia would love this answer because it showed Dennis was over his ex, wasn’t still affected by the breakup, and was gracious about it.

This is when Julia reached out to touch his hand seemingly in a gesture of comfort.

Julia, the little minx!

Despite talking briefly about his ex when Julia asked him, Dennis showed more interest in Julia’s life.

He also made it easier for her to touch him because…

3. Dennis wore his normal attire.

On this date, Dennis didn’t wear a three-piece suit and tie.

His dress code was clean and more casual.

He wore a black shirt with blue jeans, a nice belt and watch, and matching clean shoes.

It sounds pretty typical, but this outfit is such a turn-on for any girl.

Watch my video on What ALL Women LOVE Men to Wear for more details. Link at end.

The best part about what Dennis wore is he felt really comfortable in what he was wearing which translated into ease being with Julia.

As I’ve said, women mirror your feelings so Julia naturally felt at ease with Dennis.

The dress code is the first impression for a date and Dennis was a winner.

Along those lines…

4. Dennis chose a nice but less formal restaurant.

This made both him and Julia feel more comfortable and at ease.

More like they were on a relationship-level date.

And she didn’t feel like he was trying too hard.

Plus, it also left room for him to take her somewhere nicer another time.

Hint: When you under promise and over deliver down the road when she’s earned it, she’ll feel special with you.

As well, he made Julia feel comfortable and at ease with him because…

5. Dennis made the date an actual date, not a job interview.

This is an important point.

On his date with Julia, Dennis started by asking about her passions, like why she gets up in the morning.

Your questions can make the environment exciting or boring; it depends on what you ask.

Then asked her to show him her favourite meme. Good one!

Which made Julia laugh. Awesome! #happyendorphins

She was really into the meme question, so he used the most underrated conversational technique by saying, “Tell me more [about it].”

This turned out to be a great way to be more playful and interesting than asking, “How many siblings do you have?”

I’m not telling you not to ask questions but think before you ask.

Key Point!

First-date conversations should be fun and colourful and curious, not cold and informative.

And, this conversation let Dennis naturally slip into the next tip… just the tip…

6. Dennis made the first move.

Understandably, many guys are afraid to hug hello when they are on a first date, especially if they don’t know the girl well.

Uncertainty, consent, and covid can make it uncomfortable if you didn’t really know her before the first date.

It’s okay, you can make your move in the middle of the date as Dennis did.

He said, “That’s a nice ring, is it special to you?” And reach over to touch her hand to better look at it.

Dennis paid attention while watching my Flirting videos! (Playlist at the end.)

So, find reasons to touch her hand, maybe she’s wearing an interesting ring or bracelet.

She’ll either pull her hand away or let it linger. Bowchickawowow!

Which is a great test to see if you can advance seduction as Dennis did.

But just before we go into Dennis’ bold move…

Get Her Close To You

Another excellent way to break the touch barrier and ensure this bold move is welcomed is to show her a great video on your phone so she can get close to you.

Hint: If she leans towards you or leans on you to watch it, she’s more likely interested in and attracted to you.

This will keep the tension alive and the mood more romantic.

Sexual tension is a must to avoid the friend zone and make her want more.

When To Be Bold

Ok, here’s the cringy but bold and successful part…

When he was pretty sure she was all sparkly-eyed for him, Dennis told Julia he’d had a sports massage and asked her if she wanted to feel a magic massage.


It was so obvious and cheesy and made her very aware of his plan, but the date was going well so she agreed.

Remember, she touched him first and she leaned into him when they were looking at his phone.

There were already definitely signs of attraction!

Watch 25 Ways Women Flirt and Show Interest.

And although she probably thought the idea was weird, she’d have felt an intimate connection when he put his hand in the middle of her shoulder and neck.

I’m not telling you to take a step as bold as Dennis’s but try to touch her three or four times on the first date.

He used some of the other suggestions in my Where To Touch Her video.

Key Point!

Advancing the stages of seduction is subtle and progressive.

Do it right and it leads to the first kiss… and beyond.

Dennis learned to be bolder and when there were signs of interest he would definitely advance to tip #7…

7. Dennis went for the kiss.

Even though Dennis was planning to ask for a second date, surprisingly, Julia told Dennis she had a great time and would like to see him again.

This made it easy for Dennis to kiss her at the end of the date.

And there, with mast partially raised, our captain successfully sailed his boat to many dates with Julia.

Now that you know how to make your first date successful, you’ll want to know when to text her after the first date.

I have a different opinion than other dating coaches on texting after the date… you might be surprised!

Watch that video next!

Thanks for watching, God bless.

Click on the image!


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  1. Your advice is straight forward and helpful. I'm struggling as an introvert. I come off as nerdy and my social skills are underdeveloped. I'm in therapy to assist with meeting and successfully dating women. I'm a work in progress. I'm hopeful that my current situation will improve for the best. Wish me luck, guys.

    1. Thank you for watching my videos! As a fellow introvert (and former shy person), I understand some of what you face. There are real challenges there but you can overcome them. We are all works in progress… you got this! xo Anna

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