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These 3 Common Habits Are Ruining Your Chances In Life & Love!

Stop! | These 3 Common Habits Are Ruining Your Chances In Life & Love!

You might be surprised that these 3 common habits are ruining your chances in life & love because almost every guy does them.

But they’re destroying your chances of finding a real and meaningful connection with a woman you could be truly happy with and…

… even if you’ve decided to stay single forever, TYVM, they’re ruining your chances of a happy single life.

Let’s look at…

3 all-too-common habits that are ruining your potential in life and love
Why they’re so bad even though it seems every guy does them
What you can do instead that will lead to true happiness and success in life and love no matter how old you are

And when it’s actually ok to do them!

You’re not going to love this info but it will help you.

Click on the image to watch the video!

These 3 Common Habits Are Ruining Your Chances In Life & Love

  1. Validating Social Media Narcissists
  2. Wasting Time Gaming & Scrolling Social Media
  3. Watching “Adult Content” aka Porn

Before you click away, let’s look at why these are ruining your chances in life and love and then what you can do instead.

1. Social Media Narcissists

… especially highly made-up, filter and self-sexually objectified Instagram or TikTok girls.

I know this one is tough because a lot of you have never been with any woman never mind the seemingly beautiful women you find on visual social media platforms.

But the problem for you with following and validating them, liking and commenting on their posts about their appearance is…

  1. Develop a false sense of what’s common in the real world, thereby setting yourself up for disappointment.
  2. Are constantly rejected because they’ll never return any real validation for you
  3. Encourage more average women to be fake but feel entitled

Along the same lines is…

2. Gaming and Social Media Addiction

Yes, there are gaming stars making bank but unless you’ve got a business proposal (to yourself) and action plan to become one of them…

… the problem is your hours of gaming aren’t getting you anywhere in life.

Same thing with endlessly scrolling social media regardless of what you’re looking at.

  1. Waste hours gaming or scrolling and have nothing to show for it physically, emotionally, or spiritually.
  2. Fall behind the disciplined men (your competition in the dating market and career world).
  3. Develop bad posture, a sense of time slipping away, and eventually depression.

You spend several hours a night and most weekends gaming or scrolling on social media.

Meanwhile, Chad spends his evenings improving his knowledge in his career and working out at the gym.

On weekends he hangs out with Anthony and other friends he met on the softball team.

In a few years, you’ve gained weight and are depressed because you’ve got no friends and are lonely and, due to inflation, kinda broke because you haven’t advanced in your career or started preparing for retirement.

Meanwhile, Chad’s now your boss and he’s dating Anthony’s cute sister Ashley.


And even if you choose to stay single, is that really the life you want??

So you feel like you’ll never get with a real woman so you turn to #3…

3. Adult Content aka Porn

“But Anna, everyone does it.”

First of all, not everyone does it.

Second of all, some of those who do, moderate themselves.

Third, even if you believe most men watch porn, that doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

A lot of people eat at Rotten Ronnie’s every day, but is that good for them?

Um, no.

The problem with watching porn is many-fold, but the reason it’s one of the 3 habits that’s ruining your chances in life & love is that…

  1. Is addictive. The chemical reaction in your brain makes you want more when you may not actually need another “release” and for some, the type of content you watch must escalate to create the same effect the tamer stuff used to… so when you do meet a woman in the real world, real sex isn’t as good as PornHub and the palm sisters.
  2. Isn’t realistic and gives you a warped expectation of what women enjoy in the real world and what sex should be.
  3. Depletes your mind, body, and soul mentally, physically, and spiritually.

“But Anna, without social media, gaming, and porn, I’ve got nothing to do.”

That, my friend, is the crook of the matter.

You’re choosing to waste your life instead of living your life.

And even if you’re retired and your career is no longer a concern, engaging in these habits is tarnishing your golden years!

There are many other things you can and should do that will enhance your chances of success in life and love, but social media, gaming, and porn are not on that list.

“What is on that list?”

Great question!

Let’s look at what to do instead and when it’s ok to engage in some of these bad habits. 😉

Instead, you want to focus on habits that will enhance your life and your chances of success in life and love.

Doing these things increases your value to yourself enabling you to maintain the mindset that you are the prize.

They also increase your potential in the career world and dating world.

And then we’ll look at when it’s ok to engage in your bad habits.

Do These Things

  1. Go to the gym or join a sport. Getting fit or joining a team does wonders for your body, attitude, social life, and potentially love life.
  2. Learn something new. Whether to advance your career or to become a more interesting man, you’ll increase your value and life satisfaction.
  3. Find something you can connect with spiritually. Whether you go to church, volunteer for a worthy cause, or get out into nature, this one thing will help you ride out the tough spots of life.
  4. Clean up your home environment!

Choose something and get started today! Doing so will improve your quality of life with or without a woman.

When is it’s ok to engage in these 3 common habits that are ruining your chances in life & love?

  1. Social media influencers. If you’re learning something of value, go ahead, but make sure you’re also getting out in the world.
  2. Gaming and scrolling. If you’re almost famous and have a real chance of it being a career, keep going but commit by creating and following a business plan. Scrolling? Only follow those you can learn something valuable from. If necessary, set a timer, and stick to your limits.
  3. Porn. If you don’t want to lose it by not using it, I invite you to use your imagination instead of the internet. There’s a reason there are so many “no fap” videos out there. Redirect that energy to something more productive and positive.

I know, I’m not your favourite person right now, but I want you to find happiness and success in life, and love and sometimes tough love is the answer.

If you got something useful out of this vlog, please hit the like button on the video and share it!

For other small habits that have a huge impact on your chances in life and love, check out my video 9 Tiny Habits below.

Thanks for being here! God bless.


these 3 common habits are ruining your chances in life & love

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  1. Some of your points hit me where it hurts. I am retired and spend a fair amount of time online, obviously. I do need to clean up my apartment, do you have a hidden camera? Hahahaha!

    I do find you attractive, and have had (wholesome) fantasies about the two of us

    I am going to make an attempt to go back to the gym. There is a gentle exercise program, I am going to rejoin in Vancouver, did you want to join me?

    1. Start with your apartment! When you get that finished you’ll feel like you accomplished something and be more motivated to do things outside the home, like the gym. 😉 Plus, home will feel better coming home to! 🙂

  2. Hey Anna ;
    I actually watched your ",Stop …"
    Video earlier on Youtube . Your were kind enough to quickly reply and forgive my addiction to watching your Vids, lol !!! So Beautiful,Smart and Forgiving., the Complete Package! !you'll make someone very happy someday, that is,… none of my business….my bad. I'll continue to follow you, from here, not the "creepy" follow, but in a good, decent, healthy way…Thanks for being So helpful and kind ! God Bless. Cf

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