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9 Masculine Body Language Tips To Attract Women (NO Touching!)

9 Masculine Body Language Tips To Attract Women (NO Touching!)

Are you struggling to attract women or worried you don’t have strong, masculine body language?

Maybe you’re tired of feeling invisible in social situations or at work.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

In this video, you’ll learn:
  • 9 powerful tips for mastering strong, masculine body language
  • 1 common body language habit YOU’RE PROBABLY DOING that’s a big turnoff
  • Why women can’t help but respond to your body language
  • The #1 best way any man can improve your masculine body language

Masculine Body Language:

  1. Builds confidence with women, at work, or in social situations
  2. Makes a lasting impression OR SIMPLY
  3. Improves your communication and social skills

These tips are essential for any man who wants to exude strength, and charisma…not just with women!

So get ready to transform your body language and start attracting the kind of respect you want and the kind of women you desire.

Let’s jump in!

  1. Stand or sit tall and avoid slouching!

Good posture is an important aspect of strong, masculine body language.

Whether or not you like him, the actor, Tom Cruise, is a great example of a celebrity who commands authority with his posture.

He’s 5’7” but creates an impression of strength and confidence helping him appear taller and more imposing.

When standing or sitting, make sure to keep your shoulders back and your head up.

Slouching gives the impression of depression, laziness, ill health, lack of interest, or insecurity.

Key Point!

Focus on what you can do not what you can’t do!

Discover the other 8 strong, masculine body language tips in the video, plus the one bad habit a lot of men have (especially when they’re nervous), why women care, and the #1 thing you can do to make all 9 masculine body language tips automatic and natural.

Thank you for watching my videos!

(Viewing my videos to the end tells YouTube they have value and to share them with more men like you, which helps me cover the cost of maintaining this website and allows me to continue producing free video content.)

Beyond Masculine Body Language…

If you’ve already whole-heartedly tried my WakeUP2Luv program and still feel a lack of assertiveness, you may want to get your testosterone checked.

If you consistently feel nervous or anxious, it may be more about your hormones being out of balance!

You may benefit from hormone therapy.

There is nothing shameful about taking auxiliary hormones if your body needs them, but do make sure to check with your doctor.

Don’t self-medicate!

Find out more about low levels of testosterone and how to get tested from the comfort of your own home here.

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