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Can We Change the Chemistry of Who We’re Attracted To?

If Only I Could be Attracted to the Good Ones “But, Anna, I’m only attracted to bad boys.” “But, Anna, I’m only attracted to bitches.” That’s because your pheromones are fucked up. Whaaa …? Yep. And that’s totally normal. Here’s the deal. We are attracted to familiarity. This means we generally go for a partner who […]

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Do I Tell My Girl Friend I Found Her Husband on a Dating Site?

To Tell or Not To Tell Short answer: Yes. Any questions? * Longer answer … Do unto others as you would have others do unto you? Ideally, it’s more appreciated to do unto others as they’d like to be done unto, but we don’t always know what that is so we’re left to make a judgment […]

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How To Avoid _ _ _ Holes!

Avoid Jerks? Yes, Please! We’ve all been in a relationship with a jerk, whether it was a romantic relationship or a friendship, so this advice applies to anyone wanting to avoid not-so-good-for-us folks. The 5 Simple Steps to Avoiding _ _ _ holes: Awareness: Know that we choose to begin or stay in unhealthy relationships […]

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Why There Are No Wrong Relationships

No Wrong Relationships? Really?? “But, Anna, if there are no wrong relationships, but I want my perfect partner, and I have to be perfect before I find them … um, hello, several, sad, solo years on a sofa with Ben & Jerry’s watching Love Actually. Again.” No no no, fellas! 😉 This isn’t your future. Actually, […]

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How Do I Compliment A Woman Who Is Not Hot? [Video]

Complimenting a Woman Who’s “Vanilla” Warning: F-bombs ahead. Let’s get to the nitty gritty of the matter—society may vary somewhat on its definition of beauty, but it still has its standards. The sooner we get over this accepted norm the better we’ll feel. But there’s good news! There’s a big ass difference between objective beauty […]

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