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50 First Dates—First (Faux) Date #10: The Chatterbox

How to Approach a Girl on the Street Meeting Place: On the street Stats: Mid 40s, no kids Work: Performing Arts I was on my way to the grocery store. He walked by me going the opposite direction. I noticed him because he looks a lot like a fairly well-known actor, Michael Fassbender. He might […]

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50 First Dates—First (Not) Date #9: Why Do I Keep Picking Jerks?

“Nice” Guys Finish Last? Hurt People Hurt People? When people suffer within, they share their pain with “out.” (They take it out on the world.) Dating Site: Plenty of Fish Stats: Early 40s, no kids Work: [Leaving private for his sake] I debated whether or not to post this, wondering, “Is it my ego that needs […]

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50 First Dates—First Date #9 Almost: How To Break Up With Someone You Just Started Dating

How to Break Up with Someone Dating Site: n/a; met in “the real world” Stats: Never married, no kids, one dog Career: Entrepreneur, medical field I met Red—a fellow fire-top—at a social event I attended with friends. He was sitting at a table next to us with a bunch of his friends. I noticed he […]

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50 First Dates―First Date #8: Ginger and The Professor, Too.

If you get the title of this blog, you’re as old as I am. If not, here’s the jingle. Dating site: Plenty of Fish Stats: Never married; no kids; no pets Work: Higher Education The Prof has a master’s degree loosely related to relationships. I have a diploma for a 6-month correspondence course for real […]

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50 First Dates―First Date #7: Long Distance Dating?

Dating site: POF (I think) then Facebook 2010 (!) with a follow-up last week (!!) Stats: Early 40s, no kids Work: Building / Architectural Designer Things to contemplate when considering long distance dating or a long distance relationship … I have no recollection of chatting with Seattle Sailor, but it was six years ago after all. […]

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