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Why Do Women Shit Test Men?

Passing the Shit Test Why do women shit test men? Great question! Another good question is about how to pass said shit tests. First, let’s look at why women shit test to begin with. The simplest answer to the question: Why do women shit test men? is that she needs to know if you have […]

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50 First Dates—First Date #11 & #12: Online Dating in Calgary

Dating in Calgary — Looks vs. Charisma: Who Wins? The first afternoon I move into my new pad in sunny Calgary, Alberta, I go on a date because online dating in Calgary is fun, right? Riiight?  (By the way, there’s a coupon code somewhere in this long, but informative, post!) Let’s backtrack just a smidge … […]

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What Women Want from Men

what women want from men

Women’s Needs Are Different than Men’s, But Kind of the Same Good news, guys! What women want from men is actually not that different than what men want to give women! Wait, what? Look, here’s the dealio … We may think we’re evolved, but we’re really not that evolved where it counts. When it comes to […]

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When Does Size Matter?

Size Matters When You’re Hung like Donkey Kong Not surprisingly, the most popular dating advice video I have on WingmamTV is about penis size and does size matter. Most guys want to know if their dick is big enough. But what happens when your dick is too big? Wait, Anna, did you just suggest that […]

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Get Out Of The Friend Zone [VIDEO]

Avoid the Friend Zone by Adding “This” Element What’s the one thing you need to get out of the friend zone? In this short video, I share the secret ingredient you need to avoid the friend zone. Seriously, without this one secret ingredient, you’ll wind up being friend zoned forever by every girl you’re interested […]

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