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How To Find The Right Woman On A Dating Site

How Do I Find The Right Gal Online? “What’s your selection process?” Jane asks me the other day. “[Your] journey to find the the right guy to date.” Jane is the founder and owner of Matchmaker for Hire and, obviously, a matchmaker. She tells me, “The biggest complaint in the real world of dating is […]

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The Best Places To Meet Women (For Shy Guys)

Where Are The Best Places to Meet Women? Whenever I’m asked by shy guys where the best places to meet women are, I say, “Online dating sites.” And then they sigh, or roll their eyes, or slump their shoulders—or all of these things—and say, “I tried online dating and it didn’t work for me.” And then I […]

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Sexual Chemistry vs Emotional Connection

What's the difference between physical/sexual chemistry and intellectual/emotional connection?

The Difference Between Sexual Chemistry and Emotional Connection… This happened a few days ago … A guy on a dating site caught my attention! A rarity because 99.5% of the profiles I’ve read suck. Yes, that works out to 1 in 200 stand out in a good way. So, this guy has decent photos (not cheesy […]

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Dudes: What Not To Do If She Cancels Plans

Dating 101: This Week’s Top 5 Dating Tips For Shy Guys. Duet Right! This week’s dos and don’ts of dating include feedback from my own and friends’ dating experiences. Do confirm plans before the date. The day before, call. The day of, text. Why in this order? If she bails the day before, you can […]

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Fellas: Top 5 Tips To Rock Your First Date

Dating 101: First date, first kiss

Dating 101: Top 5 Dating Tips For Shy Men. Duet Right! This week’s dos and don’ts of dating include feedback from my own and friend’s dating experiences. Do ask her if it’s okay to order for her! Some ladies love this kind of chivalry, but others will find it chauvinistic. If you read her profile […]

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