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Nice Guy Syndrome Traits (What It Is & How To Beat It)

Nice Guy Syndrome Traits (Guest Post by Bobby Rio) There’s no way being too nice can work against you in the dating game, right? Wrong. In fact, if you’re too nice (aka have “nice guy syndrome”) and are single, you’ll surely struggle. Girls won’t find you sexually attractive. Your friends will think you try too hard. […]

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Signs You May Have An Anxiety Disorder

Guest Post by Kate Riley Everyone may feel anxious every now and then, and it is considered a normal emotion, but what are the signs you may have an anxiety disorder? Feeling nervous when facing a crowd or before you make a life changing and critical decisions. Anxiety disorder on the other hand is different, […]

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The Thinking Man’s Approach To Rejection

Rejection. The Thinking Man’s Approach. Guest Post by Paco Penne We’ve all seen those guys who “play the numbers.” They go around seemingly unaware of rejection and blissfully hitting on every girl in sight, playing the odds that one will eventually take the bait. Inevitably, they are rejected time after time. They simply shrug and […]

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How Long Should You Wait to Respond to an Older Woman’s First Message?

Wait! Are the Rules Different Responding to Older Women Online? By: Jack Warren If you’ve just received that first opening message from an older woman you might be tempted to reply immediately. Though there aren’t any rules around when to reply, doing it instantly is rarely a good idea. So, how long should you wait […]

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What to Talk About on a First Date!

Easily Talk to Women with These Clever Conversation Starters Guest Post by Rachel Watson of Going on a first date at all can be intimidating never mind knowing what to talk about on a first date. For guys especially, it can be hard to open up to a girl on a first date or […]

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