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Is Tinder Good for Dating? (Best Dating App & Best Dating Sites 2018) [video]

So… What ARE The Best Dating App & Best Dating Sites for 2018? Is Tinder good for dating? Can you get a gf on Tinder? What is the best dating app or dating site? Let’s discuss! There are so many dating apps and dating sites available that many singles don’t know which dating app is […]

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Are Men Emotional? Do Men Have Feelings? [video]

A Woman Asked Me: Do Men Have Feelings? The question might be somewhat more relevant for women, but men might want to know that women are asking this question (Do men have feelings?) to see if you agree with my answer! Short AJ answer: Of course men have feelings!! And, yes, men do get emotional. […]

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How to Improve Communication Skills and Express Your Thoughts (Confidence Advice) [video]

Improve Communication Skills and Express Your Thoughts Being able to express your thoughts effectively helps build confidence fast. When you stumble on your words and don’t know how to talk to women, you’ll shy away from approaching women altogether. That sucks, dude! So the best thing to do is to start learning how to express […]

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Non Monogamous Dating [video]

Dating More Than One at a Time – Non Monogamous Dating Non Monogamous Dating? Should you be monogamous? Is monogamy natural? Are there too many options to be monogamous nowadays? Both men and women are asking about non monogamous dating and relationships, but to determine whether or not monogamy is possible, you have to look […]

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Boost Confidence Fast [video]

Boost Confidence Fast (Dating Advice 2018) Boost Confidence Fast! If you want to be able to tap into quick confidence before fear keeps you from going for it — whatever “it” is for you — then focus on this one thing every day! What is confidence? Confidence is basically our trust in ourself to do […]

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