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What Women REALLY Want in a Man! (12 PROVEN Tips)

What Women REALLY Want Good news, fellas! What women really want in a man are qualities any man can develop. For real, even you! 😉 The even better news is these are traits every man would feel better about improving regardless of what a woman wants! If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what […]

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True or False: Nice Guys Finish Last?

Nice Guys Finish Last But Good Men Come In First The reason “nice guys” finish last and good men don’t is because the difference between nice guys and good guys is … self-assurance and intention. And now here’s a photo of a dolphin … No, just kidding. Well, yes, it is a photo of a dolphin, but […]

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Can You Make Her Want You More?

Make Her Want You More and More… Yes, you can make her want you more but there’s a caveat and you may not like it. Certain conditions need to apply to be able to make her want you or you’re just wasting your time, heart, loot and energy. So, if she doesn’t at least have […]

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What To Talk About on a Second Date!

Project 50 First Dates—First 2nd Date! Just before we get to what to talk about on a second date… If you’re just tuning in, I did a 50 first dates project several years ago when I’d just started coaching. We’re reviewing some of those real fake dates so you can learn from them! Interestingly enough, […]

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