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Get Better at Talking to Women (video)

How to Get Better at Talking to Women There’s one simple, if not easy, way to get better at talking to women. When you start doing this, you’ll automatically get more comfortable starting up conversations with girls and eventually become a confident conversationalist! How quickly you get confident talking to the kind of girls you […]

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How to Handle Dominant Women (Video)

Can Nice Guys Learn How to Handle Dominant Women? If you read my last blog, Why Women Try to Control Men, then you’ll have been looking forward to this follow up post on how to handle dominant women! Here’s the deal, most women actually do not want to dominate, but there are a few reasons […]

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Why Women Try to Control Men (Video)

Is There a Valid Reason Why Women Try to Control Men? Women say they want an alpha man and then when they get one they constantly try to dominate him. But why women try to control men may surprise you! Here’s the thing… Some women are truly alpha and want to “wear the pants in […]

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What to Talk About on Your Date

Avoid Awkward Silences by Knowing What to Talk About on Your Date Today it’s so easy to get a date, a couple of swipes, a little flirting online and you’re in, but figuring out what to talk about on your date is less easy. So, when it comes to the actual date and having a […]

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Boost Confidence with “This” Job (video)

Can You Boost Confidence Based on Where You Work? You bet you can! You can either boost confidence or get stuck in shyness based on your job. It makes sense that where you work can (and does) influence how much confidence you have the potential to develop. After all, if you’re in a cubicle or […]

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