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How to Handle Anxiety Attacks Effectively

My Experience of How to Handle Anxiety Attacks Effectively I’m not a psychologist or doctor, but this is my experience of how to handle anxiety attacks effectively in the moment, ongoing and long term. I hope these panic attack (or stress attack) tips help you! Whether or not there’s major upheaval in our world on […]

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She’s a Keeper If…

She’s a Keeper if… She’s a keeper if she has some of these qualities and none of the red flag qualities I mention in my Damaged Women blog! Keep in mind that very few women will have all of these qualities! Those special ladies are known as unicorns, my friend, and you will live a […]

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12 Tips for Separated Men (+ AJ TMI)

Dating Tips for Separated Men These tips for separated men come from a viewer, Almost Divorced Man (thanks, ADM!), who is at the tail end of finalizing his divorce. Yay for Almost Divorced Man! For the sake of clarity, the indented paragraphs are ADM’s words; the rest are Anna’s interjections. If I haven’t made a […]

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Signs She’s Emotionally Damaged (15 Red Flags!)

15 Signs She’s Emotionally Damaged? Is she a narcissist or simply rude or just insecure? These sorta subtle red flags are some of the common signs she’s emotionally damaged. The more of these signs she’s emotionally damaged she shows you, the more you should pay attention! We all have insecurities and don’t always act kindly […]

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20+ Signs She’s Not Into You (New Video Added!)

Signs She’s Not Into You #FriendZone You long for her but suspect you’ll be in the #friendzone forever and need to know what the signs she’s not into you are because you’re too close to the situation to think clearly. Here’s the thing… if you haven’t declared your feelings to her, she can’t just come […]

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