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How to Get Her Attracted to You!

How to Get Her Attracted (and Not Turn Her Off)! In order to get her attracted to you, there’s at least got to be a chance that she can be attracted to you. No matter what you do or don’t do, some women are simply not going to be attracted to you for whatever reason. […]

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How to Talk to Women! (Charm her!)

Get Good at Conversation! (How to Talk to Women) Conversation tips for single men so you’ll know how to talk to women and charm her socks off! …And maybe some other items, too 😉 Wanna know how to talk to women to make sure they stay engaged and want more? Here are 10 tips for […]

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How to Get a Girlfriend if You’re in a Wheelchair (Interabled Relationships)

How to Get a Girlfriend (if You’re in a Wheelchair) If you’re wondering how to get a girlfriend if you’re in a wheelchair, you’ve probably had some self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. That’s natural. We all have belief systems that no longer serve us, but it certainly helps to have some solid advice about interabled relationships. […]

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Hypergamy! (Videos added)

Hypergamy — What is Female Nature? Hypergamy. Definition: The action of marrying a person of superior caste or class. In dating, hypergamy looks like women going for men “out of their league” in terms of status, power, wealth, attractiveness and / or intelligence. Hypergamy is a psychological tendency created through evolution — or if you […]

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How to Handle Women’s Tests (15 Examples!)

How to Handle Women’s Tests +Why She Tests You + 15 Examples Women instinctively test men. We can’t help it. The sooner you learn to handle women’s tests, the better you’ll feel. In fact, the sooner you learn to handle women’s tests effectively, the better you’ll both feel! Why do women test men so dang […]

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