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Attract a Woman Through Text? (Totally Doable!)

How to Attract a Woman Through Text Can You Really Attract a Woman Through Text and Trigger Chemistry with a Woman If you want to know how to attract a woman through text pay attention to the “why” behind the “what” in these do’s and don’ts for how to trigger chemistry with a woman. Have you […]

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How to Get a Second Date (If You’re Poor)

What's the difference between physical/sexual chemistry and intellectual/emotional connection?

Do YOU know how to get a second date if you’re poor? A lot of men have asked me how to get a second date when they’re poor or short or [insert other insecurity here]. Ok, I won’t fib to you, these things do matter to some women, maybe even most women, but you can […]

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How To Write A Dating Profile That Attracts High Quality Women

how women think differently than men

Dating Profile That Attracts High Quality Women When you’re online dating, you can either have a dating profile that attracts high quality women …or one that can leave you hearing crickets when no one responds to your messages.  Ouch! That’s not a position you want to be in.   If you’re new to online dating […]

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Sexual Chemistry vs Emotional Connection

What’s the Diff? Sexual Chemistry vs Emotional Connection Most men who are physically attracted to a woman mistakenly think women feel the same way, but sexual chemistry vs emotional connection is very different, especially for the ladybirds. A Story This happened a few years ago … A guy on a dating site caught my attention! A […]

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Weird Way to Rejection Proof Your Psyche (Surprise!)

Rejection Proof Your Psyche You may not correlate this seemingly strange way to reject proof your psyche but I assure you it’ll make sense shortly. What’s the way? Sleep. I told you it was weird! Seriously, though, I literally woke up this morning feeling tired and this is what triggered me to think of you. […]

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