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Boost Confidence with “This” Job (video)

Can You Boost Confidence Based on Where You Work? You bet you can! You can either boost confidence or get stuck in shyness based on your job. It makes sense that where you work can (and does) influence how much confidence you have the potential to develop. After all, if you’re in a cubicle or […]

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Get Over Approach Anxiety in 5 Seconds (video)

Can You Get Over Approach Anxiety in 5 Seconds? Yes! You can get over approach anxiety in mere seconds. But there’s a catch… The catch is that you’re going to have to use this technique over and over and over until it sticks. Maybe you’ve heard of the book by Dr. Susan Jeffers titled, Fear […]

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The Science Behind Dating Success (Video)

Is There a Science Behind Dating Success? (Yes!) Survey says — Yes! There is a science behind dating success and it starts in your brain. Woah. There are three main reasons why dating success can be “programmed.” They’re actually very simple, but studies have proven that we activate different areas of our brain when we […]

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5 Best Books for Shy Guys (video)

Best Books for Shy Guys (To Get Over Shyness) Sorry, fellas, you don’t just get to wake up one day and be confident. I know, that sucks. But it is possible to get over shyness and the best books for shy guys will help you do just that. IF you follow some of the advice […]

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Escalate Sexual Attraction (Video)

How to Escalate Sexual Attraction If you want to make her wet with wanting you then you have to know how to escalate sexual attraction. But where do you begin when you’re shy and awkward? You begin at the beginning. These 3 questions can help you break the sexual escalation ice but can also be […]

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