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2 Big Mistakes Men Make with Women (#Turnoff!) video

Mistakes Men Make with Women That are Mega Turnoffs There are many mistakes men make with women, especially when the girl might be “on the fence” about seeing him again. The surest way to NOT get the girl is to do either one of these 2 BIG ASS #DATINGMISTAKES! Do them both and you’re toast. […]

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Why Do Girls Care About Superficial Stuff? (video)

Why do Girls Care About Superficial Stuff Like Cars, Clothes etc? Women don’t care about what’s on your feet because we’re shallow! So, why do girls care about superficial stuff? Ok, I’ll admit that we can be a little shallow, but what a man’s choice in footwear says about him reveals a lot more than […]

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She’s Talking With Other Guys (Is She Playing You?)

What to Do When She’s Talking with Other Guys I had a question from a WingmamTV viewer about what to do when she’s talking to other guys. He was in a situation where the girl he was courting was talking with other dudes, but wait, it get’s even better… …then he found out that she […]

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Get Better at Talking to Women (video)

How to Get Better at Talking to Women There’s one simple, if not easy, way to get better at talking to women. When you start doing this, you’ll automatically get more comfortable starting up conversations with girls and eventually become a confident conversationalist! How quickly you get confident talking to the kind of girls you […]

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How to Handle Dominant Women (Video)

Can Nice Guys Learn How to Handle Dominant Women? If you read my last blog, Why Women Try to Control Men, then you’ll have been looking forward to this follow up post on how to handle dominant women! Here’s the deal, most women actually do not want to dominate, but there are a few reasons […]

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