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25 Ways Women Flirt with You!

“Does She Like Me??” (Ways Women Flirt) If she gets a check mark for more than 3 of the first 15 ways women flirt signs or any of the last 3 signs, then she is pining for your attention. All you’ve got to do is make your move, Mat! Because men don’t speak hint, I’m […]

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12 Tips for How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back!

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back (When She Breaks Up With You) When she breaks up with you it can feel like your world will end and you overanalyze how to get your ex girlfriend back pronto. You obsess over her, think about her constantly, and want to message her with a pile of […]

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“Is She Stringing Me Along?” (12 Signs!)

Hard to Get or Stringing Me Along? “Is she playing hard to get or is she stringing me along?” is a question a guy asked me. Sometimes, it’s tough to tell the difference between her playing hard to get, stringing you along or simply being super busy. So, how can you tell if she’s playing […]

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How to Attract an Older Woman Than You (Video)

Attract an Older Woman #CougarBait 😉 Dating and how to attract an older woman than you isn’t the same as dating someone your own age or younger. However, when you understand what older women look for when dating a younger man, you’ll be able to tailor your approach and seduction strategy more effectively. The key […]

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12 Steps of Intimacy (From 1st Glance to Sex)

Hit a Home Run with The 12 Steps of Intimacy Guys, how to turn a woman on while making her feel safe with you requires a progression of 12 steps of intimacy in the proper order. What’s in it for you? Glad you asked! Effectiveness. Effective seduction is when you arrive at the end goal […]

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