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    My Memoir! The midlife crisis that launched my journey to conquering shyness, insecurity and severely shitty self-esteem. This is not a love advice book.

    Warning: 75 uses of the f-bomb and a ton of TMI!

    Mentionable Mentors – From over 25 years of active learning, these are my chosen mentors — the best of the best. I’ve read their books, watched their videos, taken their workshops, studied and practiced their expert advice and bow to their teachings…

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    Tony Robbins: Guru of Gurusmaxresdefault

    Bow bow bow bow. I love Tony. I’ve been reading Tony Robbins self-development books and listening to his audio programs since I was fifteen. Yep, I was a popular teen. (But not so much.) Tony has spent so much time studying human psychology, he’s literally a walking encyclopedia and, yes, world expert, on the subject. He knows human dynamics better than (probably) anyone. No, really. He lives and breathes for this stuff. So do I, but he’s been focused on it for longer and has worked with 50 million people. Impressive, indeed. TYTR


    Blue Light Reduction for Desktop

    Reducing blue light exposure helps you sleep better. Better seep = better health!

    Better health = more energy = more resilience to everything life throws at us!

    Recommended and used by Dr. Joseph Mercola. Click here for more details.