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Tired of Not Getting Dates or Going on Dates That Totally Suck?

  • You want a long term cuddle buddy aka a girlfriend and online datings sites fit your shy style, but ...
  • You're either getting ignored or winding up on shitty dates that totally disappoint. Damn.
  • What if you could not only double your online dating, but actually go on dates with chicks that you like...and that like you back? Read on...

What if you could get the girl of your dreams online without hardly leaving your cozy home?

What if you could do it for $20 USD only $10 USD?

(Less than the cost of one lousy date with the wrong gal!)

Possible? You bet! Here's the thing: online dating sites are the perfect place for shy or busy guys to window shop for the perfect-for-you sweetheart. It's super efficient and less intimidating than randomly approaching girls on the street with cheesy, sleazy pick up lines.

But if you've "already tried dating sites" you might be thinking it's a lot of work and a lot of rejection and even if you do get a date, it's usually a big and expensive disappointment. Did I just read your mind? (I thought so!)

What if you can turn those endless rejections and dating disasters into finding the right girl for you? You can. See, the thing about dating sites is that you need to have a "dating site strategy" to succeed! When you have a strategy, it actually makes the dating process fun   or at least fun ish!

You probably know people or at least have heard of people meeting their sweetheart online. It happens all. the. time. At least, according to statistics. So, it can happen for you.

If other guys can find their soulmate on a dating site, so can you, especially if you're shy, busy or an introvert!

There are many reasons why online dating sites haven't work for you in the past, and it's because you're not doing it right   you're messing up from the get-go and becoming no-go's for the girls that could be the perfect match for you!

And here's the kicker...Girls on dating sites want to find a boyfriend like you! But even if you're the perfect guy for her, she's way more likely to reject you online for silly little things that don't really matter offline. 

All you need to do is not screw up and then you can get your dream girl.

Don't get discouraged, because we all screw up when we don't know any better! 

How does anyone get good at anything? They learn about it from people who've simply studied and mastered the craft first, whether it's online dating or inline skating! This means you can learn how to online date better.

Let's say you currently suck at online dating. Like, really suck...

You hop online and check out the new profiles. There are a few girls that interest you, but they're totally out of your league. Frown :(

“Your advice paid off!”

I have a girlfriend that is way out of my league and she doesn't know it. You helped me immensely. Thank you!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

You check your emails. There's nothing there. Or worse, there's a message from some old, fat, ugly chick with bad skin. You feel like crap and you want to give up. The women you like don't like you and the ones you don't want, well, shit even some of them don't want you! Fack. 

 After awhile of experiencing the shit side of online dating, it's not fun at all. In fact, it sucks the life out of you and you sign off feeling even more dejected and wondering if you'll ever get a girlfriend.

Then what? You break up with online dating and decide that you don't need anyone. You tell yourself you're fine on your own. You read angry blogs posts on MGTOW. You go back to reading Wired, at least a tech mag makes sense. But inside you aching with loneliness and longing!

Do you want to stop feeling hopelessly alone and desperately lonely?

Here's the thing... Online dating sites are the perfect place for a shy, busy or introverted guys to find the right girl. It's a matter of doing it the right way. And, like I mentioned earlier, if you do it the right way, it feels good because you get "Yeses" from chicks you actually dig! 

You gotta fix your photos. Right now they repel women.

You gotta fix your bio aka the written bits. That sucks, too, dude.

You gotta send the right messages to get the reaction you want. Hint: a "Yes!"

If you want to succeed in online dating...

  • This is your photo op.
    Nope, you don't have to be a GQ cover model! In fact, a lot of chicks think those guys are way too high on themselves and therefore will be critical of her. (Ahhh aha!) But no matter how you look, there's dos and don't-ever's for what to put up as your photos! 
  • What to write.
    You may feel pompous writing about yourself: write too little and you look like you don't care, write too much and she thinks you're a narcissist. Is there a right amount to write? Yep!
  • Hi. Hey! How's it going?
    Every guy gets stuck on what to write in a message to a girl they like. It can be the do (her) or die point, right here. And if she gets a lot of emails (she does) then your first message needs to stand out in a good way.

What's the solution?

You want a girlfriend. If you didn't, you wouldn't be here reading this. If I didn't want to help you get her, I wouldn't have written this for you! So, we're on the same page. Good start.

I used to lack confidence and I had social anxiety, so if you feel this way with women, I understand. I've designed a program that specifically fits for guys like you! After I got over my own shyness and low self-esteem, I still had trouble meeting people, because I work from home and I'm an introvert!

I realized and accepted that the best place to meet guys was on online dating sites. But I quickly learned that guys' profiles were terrible! The photos were bad, the write-ups were worse and their first communications were roll-my-eyes terrible. (And all the women I knew on dating sites were telling me the same thing!)

What's a girl to do? Help, of course! I talked to some of these guys about what they were thinking when they were creating their profiles. It was interesting, they weren't thinking at all. They had no strategy! So, I reviewed their profiles, gave them advice and they'd come back telling me that they'd literally doubled (or tripled or even multiplied) their online dating success rates. Yay!

I believe "love is the answer" for everyone, so I decided to create an affordable online program that any guy with a love-longing heart can use to find love online. ?

Yes, even you can find love online!

This is exciting news for you! There's hope. You can get a cuddle buddy, that one special person who simply "gets" you and who you actually like spending time with.

But if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.

Which is why you need to switch it up! When you fix these three areas (photos, bio, communicating) that are not working, you'll be miles ahead of all the other guys (shy or not!) who have online dating site profiles and approach methods that repel girls. You'll be the one standing out in a good way!

Want the Magic Wand?

Here it is: Double Your Online Dating Training

Double Your Online Dating Training is the perfect solution to everything you've been doing wrong that's kept you from meeting the right women online.

The best part about the program is that it's quick and dirty, as in, simple to implement! Anyone can do it, even you! 

  1.  Photos: All the dos and don'ts you need to impress her with your photo images while representing the real you.
  2.  The Written Part: No guesswork! I teach you exactly what to write, what not to write and how much to write so all you have to do is basically fill in the blanks. The right gal will read it and want you!
  3. Making 1st Contact: Tips on what to write in your "conversation opener" to stand out in a good way. You'll get replies and "Yeses" from the girls you really like.

What People Are Saying About Double Your Online Dating Training...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I'm now dating the exact type of girl I'd wanted.”

“Anna's knowledge showed me how to attract the kind of woman I want.

I tweaked my [dating site] profile and started attracting women more in line with what I really want. "

Steven Shears
- Ex military

They're still together as of 2020! 


They're still together as of 2020! 

“I had no idea how much I was messing up online.”

“The solutions to effective online dating seem so obvious when I learned them, but I guarantee almost every guy is screwing up.

Women think different. Anna gave me the women's perspective and it made all the difference.”

- IT
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Now I spend less time online and more time on dates!”

“Before doing your [double your online dating] program, I wasn't getting replies, never mind dates.

But following your advice, now I'm going on as many dates as I want and feel more confident talking to women in the real world. Thanks!

- Anon

Ready to Double Your Online Dating?

Instead of feeling frustrated sending out 100s of emails and constantly getting rejected or ignored, Double Your Online Dating gives you the simple solutions to fix your dating site profile and online communication skills so you can find the girl of your dreams!

Double Your Online Dating gives you easy to implement strategies to do that. You'll wonder why you never thought of it yourself! (It's because you think like a guy not a girl!)

Invest in yourself NOW and start getting dates by this weekend! For $20 USD Only $10 USD! For a limited time!

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It Works for Real People!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I was skeptical...but couldn't deny the results.”

“I'd bought courses from pickup artists that didn't really do much for me. I'm shy and those tactics never felt right for me. I really want a girlfriend not a fuck buddy.”

I like that your program is coming from the girl's perspective. It makes sense. I'm getting dates with cool girls now. Thanks!"

- IT

“I got my first girlfriend...”

“I applied the suggestions to my profile and now I'm dating a girl for the first time in my life. It's great!”

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Anna Jorgensen
Creator of Double Your Online Dating Training

About the Author

I suffered from extreme shyness and low self-esteem as a child and well into adulthood. I've been on over 10 different dating sites or apps and understand the dynamics of the online dating world. It's a tough gig!

But it's also a great place to meet women. But there's a limited supply of the women you want, so you need to know how to positively stand out to get their attention. With Double Your Online Dating Training, you'll do just that!

But, Anna...

Are you thinking that it seems like a lot of work? Or that you're too shy? busy? not interesting enough? Or ... that the kind of girl you want won't want you?

Let's explore...

Isn't it a lot of work?

Nope! It's actually way less work, because once you've got your profile set up right, you'll waste less time sending out tons of boring emails or cut-and-paste dandies that don't get the girl you really want. 

What if I'm not that interesting?

You're probably not giving yourself enough credit, but guess what? It doesn't even matter if you're not that interesting! You read that right, my friend. There is a right gal out there who is looking for someone just like you, as is where is, as long as you present yourself properly

What if she's out of my league?

I ain't gonna fib, there are people in the world who are "outta our league." They're called celebrities! But those folks are not on a dating site, so let's assume that the girls who are on a dating site are as regular as you and I and looking for love, too. There really is a right match for everyone. (Hint: If you look around, you'll see ordinary people in extraordinary relationships!)

To Invest Or Not To Invest!

With Double Your Online Dating Training 

  • Attract quality women with a winning profile pic!
  • Get women hungry to know more about you!
  • Get women intrigued before your first communication!
  • Get positive replies with effective online conversation starters!
  • Go on more and better dates!

Without Double Your Online Dating Training

  • Turn off potential perfect partners with an awful profile pic!
  • Turn women off so they don't even bother reading your profile!
  • Turn women off with your what you write!
  • Get rejected again and again!
  • Waste hours not getting dates or only attracting women no men want!

What You Get With Double Your Online Dating Training

  • Video Module 1: Putting your best face forward with the right photos!
  • Video Module 2: What to write and not write in your profile bio!
  • Video Module 3: What to say in your first online message to a girl!
  • eBook: Bonus tips + phone conversation tips!
  • Cheat Sheet 1: 30 Impressive 1st Date Ideas for Any Budget!
  • Cheat Sheet 2: 1st Date Etiquette. Don't mess up!
  • Cheat Sheet 3: How to Follow up After the 1st Date! 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

 Secure  Payment 

Bank cards are accepted.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't double your online dating within 60 days of applying the strategies, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.


P.S. Aren't you tired of living the lonely life? Even a lone wolf gets lonely. Is that what you want for your future? Seriously. Because nothing changes if nothing changes. Look, if you don't jump on this opportunity right now you know you'll will be missing out on finally taking effective action for your love life...and what's that going to look like in a year? five? ten??! (Hint: Still lonely. Or worse.)

Ok, YES, I want to start getting more dates now!