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Guest Posts & Sponsors

Guest Post Guidelines

Write for Wingmam.com? You bet*! (*Conditions apply. #Doh)

You want to submit a guest post to Wingmam.com and I want you to! But in fairness to me and my readers, there are guidelines.

Guest Post Guidelines & Fees

  • $150US and reciprocal link! . It takes time to review, re-edit bits for my audience, upload, format, and find photos etc.)
  • If no reciprocal link available: $250US
  • Prices are not negotiable.

Still interested? Great!

  • Your primary career is a love professional or —
  • Your primary career offers information that will help my audience build confidence, talk to women and/or generally help them find love. (I get to use my discretion.)
  • You have a professional website. (You’ll link from your site to Wingmam.com)
  • No porn or links to porn sites or Rated R sites.
  • You’ll share your Wingmam article with your readers and/or on social media.
  • Nothing overtly sales-y and the writing “voice” must blend smoothly with mine. (Again, I will use my discretion.)

Technical Guidelines

  • Between 500-2000 words.
  • Slang and off-side humour encouraged!
  • Professionally edited for flow. (Don’t have an editor? Here’s mine!)
  • Does not contain images. (I don’t have time to check for usage rights.)
  • Does not contain links that re-direct.
  • Is written in conversational style, not boring technical jargon. i.e. NOT: “It is therefore suggested that a man would benefit…” *YAWN! Boring!* Better: “Ok guys, here’s what we’d do if you want to get the gal …” ?
  • Further to the last point, use the “Is this how’d I’d chat with my best friend?” filter. If it sounds formal, it’s not the right fit for Wingmam. (Example: Use “You’re” not “you are” etc.)

Submission Guidelines

  • Submit payment, write your brilliant piece and send it to me in the body of your email.
  • Payment in advance only. (You’ll receive an email from me after you’ve made payment.)
  • If your submission is not accepted, you’ll receive a full refund.

Still sure you’ve got a guest post I can’t refuse? Super duper! …

With reciprocal link: Submit payment now?

No reciprocal link: Submit payment now?


(Subject to change 12 months)

Sponsors help me continue to provide free content and affordable online programs for my audience, thank you! (Prices are not negotiable.)

  1. “Stealth link” to your site, related to Wingmam audience, but heck I may be open. $100US
  2. Short “sponsored by” notation and link to your website with short (max 150 characters) bio at end of blog post. $15US/month or $150 upfront for the year. (Use contact form to inquire.)
  3. Long “sponsored by” notation and link to your website with long (max 150 words) bio plus image/logo at end of blog post. $25US/month or $250 upfront for the year. (Use contact form to inquire.)

More details? Sure…

  • I allow up to 3 stealth links of different sponsors in a blog.
  • Yes, you may request a specific blog post to sponsor. 
  • No, you may not bump out another sponsor. Sorry.
  • Prices subject to change at any time, but once you’ve paid your sponsorship it’s good for the year.
  • Redirects will be removed without notice or refund. Don’t  be a sneaky monkey.
  • NSF payments result in removal of sponsorship/post. (Otherwise that’s stealing, silly!)
  • If you have an affiliate program that I endorse, the link to your site can include my affiliate link and a personal message from me if you desire.

Ready to go for it? Awesome sauce, submit payment & I’ll email you the next steps! …

Submit payment now?


  Still have a question about quest posts, links or media requests before submitting payment?

If you have a personal question for Anna please click here. If you have a video suggestion or personal story post it publicly in a Wingmam blog comment or WingmamTV video comment. Thank you!

  • This email is for guest posts, sponsors and media ONLY. Personal questions, suggestions, stories and feedback should be posted on WingmamTV YouTube videos. Other inquiries can be submitted via the Contact page.

xo Anna ♥️