Guest Posts

Write for You bet*!

(*Some conditions apply. #Doh)

You want to submit a guest post to and I want you to! But in fairness to me and my readers, there are guidelines.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Your primary career is a love professional or —
  • Your primary career offers information that will benefit my audience. (I get to use my discretion.)
  • You have a professional website. (You’ll link from your site to
  • No porn or links to porn or PUA sites or Rated R sites.
  • You’ll share your Wingmam article with your readers and/or  on social media.

Technical Guidelines

  • Between 500-1000 words.
  • Professionally edited. (Don’t have an editor? Here’s mine!)
  • Not sales-y.
  • Does not contain images. (I don’t have time to check for usage rights.)
  • Does not contain links that re-direct.
  • Is written in conversational style, not boring technical jargon.

Still interested? Contact me!