Here’s How Women Want YOU to Approach Them

Discover What 99% of Guys Don’t Know About Talking to the Women They Desire
And Be Able to Confidently Walk over and Start Conversations with Women YOU Find Attractive… Even If You’re a Shy Introvert
Dating and relationship coach for men Vancouver
Dating and relationship coach for men Vancouver

Are you worried about what women think when you randomly approach them?

Want to know what to say to almost instantly build her trust and respect?

Want to acquire the secret skill to striking up a conversation with women even if you’re super awkward?

Women are used to guys annoying them. So when you approach them, they’re expecting you to be the same.

However, do it like I tell you and she’ll think YOU’RE her Prince Charming… and you’ll make her go weak at the knees. 

Discover how with The Instant Confidence Formula “Talk to Her” Technique.

This simple approach hack will give you the confidence to walk over and say hi to any woman in 10 seconds.

In this FREE cheatsheet, YOU will also discover:

What women are thinking about you when you approach them.

How to instantly win points and avoid coming across as a douchebag.

How to get your thinking right so you stop taking it so seriously.

Plus 2 FREE Bonus Tips:

Bonus Tip #2

How to come across as a high value guy and greatly increase your chances of her agreeing to go on a date with you.

Bonus Tip #1

The 1 line you can use to stand out from 99% of guys and quickly tell if she’s worth your time or not.

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