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Why Do Women Play Mind Games? (Playing Hard to Get)

how to avoid the friend zone

3 Reasons Women Play Mind Games Every guy on the planet wants to know the answer to this question: “Why do some women play mind games?” In fact, on one of my WingmamTV videos, How to Play Hard to Get (Should You Play Hard to Get?), Andre asks, “Why do females play hard to get […]

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Why Do Women Shit Test Men?

Passing the Shit Test Why do women shit test men? Great question! Another good question is about how to pass said shit tests. First, let’s look at why women shit test to begin with. The simplest answer to the question: Why do women shit test men? is that she needs to know if you have […]

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50 First Dates—First Date #11 & #12: Online Dating in Calgary

Dating in Calgary — Looks vs. Charisma: Who Wins? The first afternoon I move into my new pad in sunny Calgary, Alberta, I go on a date because online dating in Calgary is fun, right? Riiight?  (By the way, there’s a coupon code somewhere in this long, but informative, post!) Let’s backtrack just a smidge … […]

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What Turns Women Off? Lesson #1: Trying Too Hard To Be Funny!

what turns women off

Too Funny! … No, but Really — You’re Trying Too Hard Pretty much every chick wants a guy who can make them laugh, but some guys cross a line and their humour becomes unattractive and annoying. A lot of the shy guys who come to me to help them get a girlfriend tell me how […]

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How to Get a Girl Out of Your League

Is She Too Good for You? You want the girl of your dreams, right? That amazing woman who just seems to get you and surprises you every day with how fricken awesome-sauce she is, right? She’s gorgeous and smart, and she has her “poop in a group”—her shit’s together, man—and loves sex. Well, dude, if […]

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