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How to Touch a Woman on a First Date [video]

How to Touch a Woman on a First Date If you want to know how to touch a woman on a first date without going to jail, getting slapped or spit on, this is the blog post for you, dude! I joke, but you know it’s true. If you touch a woman without consent, you […]

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When to Use a Coupon on a Date

When to use a coupon on a date. Wait! Should you use a coupon on a date? What about using a coupon on a first date?? Guys, there are some general guidelines when it comes to using coupons. In this video, you’ll find out when to use a coupon on a date and when not […]

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Where Never To Touch A Woman On a First Date [Video]

Never Touch a Woman In The No-Go Zones You gonna get a slap to that hand, man. (Or Miss.) Wanna know where never to touch a woman on a first date? That answer should be yes because touching a person in these places without that understanding is a disrespect of boundaries. Um, plus, hello, #jailtime. No […]

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Fellas: Top 5 Tips To Rock Your First Date

Dating 101: First date, first kiss

Dating 101: Top 5 Dating Tips For Shy Men. Duet Right! This week’s dos and don’ts of dating include feedback from my own and friend’s dating experiences. Do ask her if it’s okay to order for her! Some ladies love this kind of chivalry, but others will find it chauvinistic. If you read her profile […]

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