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How to Be Sexy [video]

Get the Babe! Learn How to Be Sexy AF How to be SEXY doesn’t mean wearing designer clothes, driving a sports car, flashing cash (men) or flashing skin (women). Nope. Sure, some of those things will get attention but once you actually get a date, you’ve got to be able to offer more than material […]

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Project 50 First Dates―First Date #3: Facetious Financier

My third official first date for social study “Project: 50 First Dates.” Dating site: match.com Stats: Mid 40s, no kids Profession: finance “Hey, did you used to be in real estate? … Never mind, I Googled you … [something about a risqué Halloween costume from a decade ago …].” I’m thinking: Oh, shit. (And) He’s hot! (And) Wait, I’m […]

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Why Women Spread ‘em For Gerard Butler [Video]

 … aka How To Drive Women Wild With Desire & Passion … … aka: How To Be More Confident With Women. I’m writing this blog for men in “man language.” Dame Disclosure: If you’re a woman reading this, take heed: potentially offensive material ahead—also the reason I “get” guys—that you may learn something from! What […]

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