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Why We Self-Sabotage & How to Stop It [video]

Stop Self-Sabotage in Its Tracks (or Stay Single Forever)! Self-sabotage will kill your love life. Any questions?  But seriously, you already know that, so I in this video I discuss why we do it and, more importantly, how to knock that shit off so you can create a fulfilled and happy love life. That sounds […]

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The Surprising Key To Finding Love

key to finding love

The Shy Guy’s Key to Finding Love Technically, this is for everyone, but shy guys will benefit even more because honouring the key to finding love is what builds superhero confidence! Confidence starts with commitment—commitment to ourselves. Wait, what? Ok, so you know how I keep talking about superhero confidence because it’s what we all […]

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How To Love Yourself

the pressure of valentine's day

How To Know If You Love Yourself? You Love Yourself When … Someone sent me a query asking me “how to love yourself” and telling me about his lonely life in love-lacking misery accompanied with drug use and depression. We got on the you-must-love-yourself topic, whereby he declared his certainty of self-love. I said I’d write […]

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Any Fool Can Find Love—Even You!

3 Simple Steps to Find Love Every time a new year rolls around and we’re still rolling around the sheets single, we start searching the Net for “how to find love” and land on a thousand new articles— where to meet women where to meet men how to approach a woman how to attract a […]

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