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How To Turn A Woman On [video]

3 Ways To Turn A Woman On In this day and age, you’ve got to be so damn careful on how to turn a woman on so you don’t end up in front of a judge! #rapeisreal So let’s keep you out of jail and in the good books of the woman you want. Here […]

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Get Out Of The Friend Zone [VIDEO]

Avoid the Friend Zone by Adding “This” Element What’s the one thing you need to get out of the friend zone? In this short video, I share the secret ingredient you need to avoid the friend zone. Seriously, without this one secret ingredient, you’ll wind up being friend zoned forever by every girl you’re interested […]

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What Women Want from Men

unshakable confidence | what women want in a man

Aka What Turns Women On Guest Post by Pratik Jain, Way of Women What women want from men is an age old question that has driven poets, scientists, artists, writers, and others to put their energy and talents into expressing it in their own way. Even Dr. Sigmund Freud could not answer it. Am I […]

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Do Women Like Cheesecake Better Than Sex?

Seriously? Do Women Like Cheesecake Better Than Sex? Another write-in question, perhaps in half jest. Either way—relevant! Short answer: sometimes, yes. We also like kittens and forest walks and girl friend time and cuddles and rom-coms better than sex. Sometimes. Why would women like anything better than sex? Men usually don’t. Or … do they? Men […]

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50 First Dates―First Date #8: Ginger and The Professor, Too.

If you get the title of this blog, you’re as old as I am. If not, here’s the jingle. Dating site: Plenty of Fish Stats: Never married; no kids; no pets Work: Higher Education The Prof has a master’s degree loosely related to relationships. I have a diploma for a 6-month correspondence course for real […]

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